Sometimes in life, you try your best to escape
But you know there’s no way out, once your lies have taken shape
Every time she leaves and every time you breathe
You bundle up in your own misfortunes and drink yourself to sleep
Figments of imagination exist in my mind
Because, in this world, cherished obstacles are what I seek
And they’re the things I’ll never find
The effort you put in, determines the hardness of the fall
It’s no wonder, when my feeble attempts are condemned by an evading wall
Cherished obstacles are what I’ve come to despise
Always coming back to hatred and neglect, through my pessimistic eyes
Sometimes when you dig a hole, you should bite your tongue and stay down in it
I’m constantly reminded of pursuing happiness, which to me is just a gimmick
In life, there are going to be struggles and something to stand in your way
When this time arrives for me, I’ll turn around and try another day

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