I lain motionless on a blanket, while my mind traveled across the field
My eyes perused the festival’s many images, until suddenly the world stood still
I found myself under a trance in midst of the notes in the air
My pupils were abruptly fixated, catching glimpse of a beauty
Wearing a headdress and sporting a feather in her hair
In the dark sky, the stage was luminous, but held no candle to this girl
The band’s music and her presence alone mingled together into a perfect world
Her mind was as free as her hips, a hula-hoop orbiting this majestic sight
Splattered with broken glow sticks, her body provided my night’s brightest light
I had come for the shows and simply put, she was an accessory after the fact
Though there’s no debating between the songs and her smile
It was her aura and natural charisma that kept my ears and eyes in tact

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