There’s no way to explain where I’m going or even where I’ve been
In life, it seems the only way to overcome hard times, is by surrendering to a sin
Hallucinogens, pills, and bottles are only temporary remedies
In the long run, your soul will not be mended, at least not by that sort of means
Your past cannot be forgotten or redone,
It will stay with you forever
When evil succeeds, what’s done is done
All that’s left to do, is give one last valiant endeavor
Your esteem and actions can be torn down like the wall, Berlin
But perceptions of you can be redeemed and determined, on the effort, you put in
Before Any Can Know Why, All’s Reversed; Developing Success
Our minor flaws and errors, can now be our best
With guidance and helping hands, everything can be made better
The capability is in yourself and that final courageous endeavor
Don’t waste time; don’t let a minute go by
Time will fly; it will take your mind
So hurry up and don’t give in
This time will end and soon begin, again
I think of ways I could’ve gotten out of trouble, at one time or another
“The bigger picture is helping more than myself”,  
At a young age, this what I’d been told by my mother
Seventeen years of tragedies, a lifetime to mourn
For all these incidences, I am the omen with an obligation to warn
1993 to 2011, eighteen short years have gone past
With my knowledge of the future, I can determine
What will die and what will last
My eyes have been subject to terrible things,
Distraught houses engulfed by fire
The men, who risk their own lives for another’s,
These are the men I’ve come to admire
In 2001, there’s a particularly heavy hanging date
Now I can change innocent passenger’s lives and their inauspicious fate
Terrifying and tragic for family and friends
All across the U.S.A.
There is a time for retaliation, and most important,
There is a time to pray
You can spend a lifetime being selfish,
I’d rather be philanthropic
Cherishing the past, capturing precious memories,
And placing them in my eternal pocket
Figments of imagination exist in my mind
Under these circumstances, there’s no telling where you’re going
Or what there is to find
For six precious hours, I saw my life in reverse
Brief glimpses of missed opportunities
Falling from my best to my worst
Fatiguing my own body, it’s as though I am drug induced
I have lain, burning in the sun for hours; the beach is where I roost
A body may be shackled, but a mind can wander free
When life gets tough, look to the skies, while surrendering to a knee
A mere handful can determine, how the world is seen
Let the sand’s throbbing motion be the stalk
And it’s heart, be the bean
The word “Nashville” took its toll,
And the sirens lured me out
Subsequent to life’s meal, like Jack’s beanstalk,
My illusions began to sprout
Enhanced by the earth, I have two views
Two-faced, like Dr. Hyde and Mr. Jeckell
Gulliver and I are one in the same,
Two minds tormented and heckled
I’m fine with whatever happens to me,
Because I know my life is just part of a plan
You may not have known, but it has always been God,
He holds the stick to write in us, the wet sand
If dreams had a scent, I would immediately track them,
As though I am a Bloodhound
Hour after hour, I’d be on the chase,
Pressing my wet nose to the ground
Like a majestic gem, I have been shades of turquoise
Concluding that with every foot of death,
There’s an inch of rejoice
Opposing Shakespeare’s seeing, red and white, damasked roses,
I’ve seen blue and I’ve seen green
I’ve found in life, these are the colors,
Renowned for formulating a dream
Sometimes in life, you try your best to escape
But you know there’s no way out,
Once your lies have taken shape
Every time she leaves and every time you breathe,
You bundle up in your own misfortunes and drink yourself to sleep
The effort you put in, determines the hardness of the fall
It’s no wonder, when your feeble attempts are condemned
By an evading wall
Cherished obstacles are what I’ve come to despise
Always coming back to hatred and neglect,
Through my pessimistic eyes
Sometimes when you dig a hole,
You should bite your tongue and stay down in it
I’m constantly reminded of pursuing happiness,
Which to me is just a gimmick
In life, there are going to be struggles
And something to stand in your way
When this time arrives, for me,
I’ll turn around and I’ll try another day

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