Nothing was out of the ordinary, as the rained touched down
There was no peculiarity of the accrual on the ground
It had been generations, since Nashville had seen their last natural disaster
But a prophesy of another grew fair, as the rain decanted faster
Amid each hour, more peril would disembark
It was a battle of manmade estate and God’s work
The vanquisher was God’s water
It had conquered man’s mortar
Destruction and Devastation accumulated
Drastic measure was in order
The water was ascending, the cars were gasping for breath
Homes were destructed; there was utterance of death
A vast city submerged, Nashville, now, appreciates Nola’s struggle
Between the rushing the waters and crumbling homes,
Nashville deteriorated to a debacle
It turned out to be the greatest flood in our state’s history
A loss for the economy, but for brotherhood, a victory
What we had ascertained was that from bad, good can come
This calamity commenced our state’s resident’s amalgamation into one
In dark times, it’s always endearing to lend a helping hand
We don’t understand why this happened and never will,
Just have to accept it as God’s plan
This was a pecuniary depression and statewide tragedy,
That through love of neighbor, we overcame
Thanks to the flood of 2010, Nashville lives in fear of rain

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