The protesters are shouting to give peace a chance
For war is atrocious and slaying is the devil’s dance
Put down the weapons and let us all hold hands
Since the Garden of Eden, love and unity is what God had planned
Sometimes it takes losing a life to realize how precious one truly is
A conflict can escalate and a bomb can exterminate
Just as quickly as a shaken coke can fizz
Let a debate be the battle, words be the bullets, and treaties be the bandages
This approach to resolving our differences is much more practical
Devoid of all tragedies and dodging any consequential sacrilege
Deliberately shaking the can is tantamount to a preemptive strike
Then there’s the accidental eruption upon the simple opening of a can
But that doesn’t mean another effervesce should be dealt in return
As we all know, two wrongs never make one right

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