I read that he lost a suitcase full of manuscripts on a
train and that they never were recovered.
I can’t match the agony of this
but the other night I wrote a 3—page poem
upon this computer
and through my lack of diligence and
and by playing around with commands
on the menu
I somehow managed to erase the poem
believe me, such a thing is difficult to do
even for a novice
but I somehow managed to do
now I don’t think this 3—pager was immortal
but there were some crazy wild lines,
now gone forever.
it bothers more than a touch, it’s some—
thing like knocking over a good bottle of
and writing about it hardly makes a good
still, I thought somehow you’d like to
if not, at least you’ve read this far
and there could be better work
down the line.
let’s hope so, for your sake

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