The Isle of Truth

While the beams of the daylight yet shine from the ‘west,
’Sail onwards, my bark, to the isle of the blest,
‘Where Love blooms for ever in fondness and truth,
’And Passion forgets not the vows of its youth;
‘Where Friendship forsakes not, tho’ sorrows subdue,
‘And the visions of Hope are as lovely as true.
’Sail onwards, my bark, to that isle of delight,
‘Where Joy hath no sting, and Affection no blight!’
’Twas thus sung the heart in the days of her youth,
As she sailed to discover the island of Truth.
The visions of Hope had induced her to stray,
And she knew not the dangers that crowded the way:
The beam that had brightened her pathway at morn.
At eve saw her tost on the tempests of scorn;
And trusting too far what the charmer had spoken,
At sunset the lone heart was shipwrecked and broken.
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