Charlotte B. Williams

I am an American Patriot, a Believer, and a lover of God and Country.

I am an American Patriot, a Believer, and a lover of God and Country.
I am a widow, a mother of five children ❤️   and five grandchildren. ❤️
I’m very proud, and honored to have borne such loving, talented and
hard working children. Being a Mother was my destiny. Being a writer
is also part of my destiny that I truly thank God for. It’s a gift from God
It was after my children were grown and left home that I became serious                         about writing. I have written a book titled (American Poetry and Music)
that has been published by Christian Faith Publishing. Which can be                     purchased on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and  Thrift Books.com
I get my inspiration from the Creator, and I go under the heading of
H.S.I. Which stands for (Holy Spirit Inspiration) Some of these poems
on Poeticous.com appear in my book . I am grateful for them allowing
me to publish my poems on this site also. I’ve come to love this site very                            much. All Poems, and Original Music Videos on this site are my own
original compositions, and are  covered under U.S.Copyright laws.© 2024.                           For more info -You can find me on (Youtube) and (Facebook).  Email no                         longer public, but if you message me from Facebook or here on Poeticous    
I’ll give it to you privately. No copyright infringement intended with any                      Pictures or videos used on these poetry pages. Some videos of artist I
enjoy were obtained from  Youtube, and some pictures are from Public                  
Domain sites. Mostly they are the property of Poeticous I do not claim
rights for any works except my own Original  Work.  
Thank you, Charlotte B. Williams