I have a mask

My mask is happy but underneath is sad I have mysery under the mask
Witch to me is not so bad I live a life of  happiness crossed with mysery
With to me is quiete sad
I live in a strange life filled with dark and good
But I may be different it does not mean it should destroy my life I don’t care
It is just me without a normal life


I have a mask

Oh well I guess you know about my mask

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over 6 years

Aloha Caire...Thank you my dear bard... for the note... how very beautiful are your boots! Mysteries that I Master, Which Witch and whose are you? Mysterious and shadowy and lacks a normal life? What is normal? What is life? What makes your life run? Too those other than normal fun things? How does your motor purr? Is your motor pure? Does your motor walk on water? Whatever... Word works are such a fun to pun... and wright and nibble upon... and I do so enjoy a masked ball... can you switch to me, can you switch me like I was bad? Am I a light switch? or do I have that heavy sward? Word! All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two (read me)

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