By Stanley Collymore
Be very wary indeed of what you wish for
with regard to others, especially if that
wish has a malevolent edge to it. For
Fate with poetic justice and even a
hint of perversity can and often
does cause that wish and its
attendant consequences to
unexpectedly rebound
on the person making
it, and with all the
force majeur it
can marshal!
© Stanley V. Collymore
28 December 2009.

Author’s Remarks:
Although this specific poem was written long before the glaringly obvious irrelevant and to my mind disingenuous kafuffle over Britain’s exit or non-exit from the EU and which frankly has as much relevance to the rest of the world as paedophiles grooming their victims within the confines of the Westminster Bubble or the Lancashire town of Rochdale for that matter I nevertheless do honestly think it does have some relevance to what is presently, fixatedly and rather frenziedly almost to the point of farce going on in the United Kingdom. And sensible and intelligent individuals who’re conscious of what I’m referring to and similarly observant of the said factors will themselves be also completely bewildered as I am by it all; a few of the said features I’ve decided to itemize here: delusional hubris, gross misinformation, the plethora of downright lies, Master Race nonsense, xenophobia and trumped up racism.

And affixed to all the aforementioned and absolutely ludicrously rampant and asinine nonsense is the idiotic belief that in the 21st Century Britain a Second Division to use a football analogy which many of you idiots out there are fully cognizant of can quite independently behave as though it were a Premiership League side and furthermore at the very top of that particular division, which to anyone who clearly isn’t completely brain-dead, blind, utterly naive or totally off their rocker, it isn’t. For this perceptibly isn’t the 19th or even the early 20th Century and Britain no longer rules the wave even by clinging on to the coattails of the United States as it routinely does and in case you morons living in your time warp are unaware of this established fact, the Empire is no more. That effectively means that in this unmistakable era of globalization Britain has to compete with other countries, some of which it once barbarically controlled and so from that position could and habitually did remorselessly exploit. That fortunately is no longer a viable option!

But what absolutely does get’s me is that those who’re perniciously and obsessively spearheading this so-called Brexit campaign and cynically using migration and race as the principal tools in their calculatedly insidious armoury of intentional deceit and manipulation, and consciously in the marked absence of providing any convincing or compelling information to substantially support their dastardly chicanery while at the same fervently brandishing their fictitious “English/British” pedigree as their genuine raison d’être for keeping migrants and refugees out – conveniently overlooking who it is that caused these refugees and migrants in the first place and why - is quite risible if the matter weren’t so bloody serious.

For who are these quite redoubtable Brits and English to the core and who don’t want migrants or refugees into the UK? Individuals whose British links and ancestry are as appropriately so as my Eskimo ones. And believe you me, I have no such links! So let me name a few of them and you can afterwards do your own homework on the rest of these odious, dishonest and essentially non-British scumbags. Michael Howard, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Ian Duncan Smith whose Chinese looks distinctively show up in his physical features and unsurprisingly so for he does have Chinese ancestry. Then there are the plethora of Yids from all over the European mainland and Russia whose ancestors or else they themselves habitually fled to Britain from the multiple pogroms and not forgetting the little matter of Europe’s holocaust committed against them and sought refuge in Britain. My word, how self-centredness, greed and arrogance do dull the memory of some people! And it’s a safe bet that without the altruistic contribution by the relatives and ancestors of many of these vilified migrants specifically during World War II that none of these Zionist bastards would be alive today. Now they want to fasten the door on these migrants and refugees in the similar manner that the Nazis did to them! What a pity that Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich didn’t realize their praiseworthy ambition before World War II ended! You know? The Final solution!

But these weren’t the only loathsome scumbags that were let into Britain. The United States resorting to its pernicious blackmail – when has it ever stopped one might well ask? – against a pretty destitute post-war Britain compelled Clement Attlee to let into the UK for settlement hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian and Polish Nazis and their families on the demented idea that as they were anti the USSR and had fought with the Germans during World War II they could be used as human fodder for the United States’ own delusional designs of attacking and overthrowing the Soviet Union. That didn’t happen of course and this scum remained in Britain and have proliferated in the process, comprising the core elements of many rightwing groups in the UK including the BNP and Pegida and who peculiarly go around claiming not just to be British but also especially Anglo-Saxon English defending their homeland – not Ukraine or even Poland but England can you believe it, from foreigners. And these, inexplicably as it seems, ladies and gentlemen of the jury (laugh) are the composite factions of mother-fucking, psychopathic and sociopathic loonies either directly involved with or leading the Brexit campaign. One really couldn’t make stuff like that up.

Then there’s the fabricated public fuss over the Queen’s alleged views on the matter. I don’t know about you but frankly I couldn’t give a toss what she thinks far less will I allow her personal views to sway me in any way. The woman after all is a hereditary monarch who when last I checked is non-elected; and to disingenuous counter claims that the EU Commission is also unelected – yes it is, but those who sit on it are there by virtue of being appointed to their respective positions by the elected governments of the 28 member states of the European Union. Not ideal I freely admit but a marked improvement on what at present we have in situ in Buckingham Palace, have allowed for yonks and will carry on having if the cap-doffing, social climbing and subservient serfs across Britain have their way. And irrespective of whether one actually likes the EU Commission or not, and I personally don’t as it’s presently constituted, at least its members can therefore be replaced; not so her indoors at Buck House! So it’s really a typical case of the Brexit loony pot, while quite fraudulently, completely dishonestly and discernibly corruptly vociferously and idiotically ranting on about accountability and their twisted version of democracy, calling the EU Commission kettle black!

Personally I don’t really care how the Brexit vote goes, I shall utilize my vote as a UK citizen while you can do the same as a British subject. Doesn’t it affect me then? No; and here’s why! I’ve lived and worked in Germany for many years, paid my taxes and NIS there while continuing to do the same in the UK. My longstanding female partner is German – I thought in the circumstances I’d specifically mention her gender since I don’t want that terminology, partner I’m referring to, to be in any way either confused or else equated with its general and usually non-heterosexual queer and dyke meaning in Britain. And just as significant as the two earlier reasons given, on my father’s side of my family I have legitimate German blood and therefore automatically through my blood line qualify, in addition to the other reasons cited, for German citizenship and thus the automatic right to travel freely throughout an EU physically devoid of Britain. And since I’ve absolutely no intention whatever of ever giving up my British citizenship, for stubborn reasons rather than any need to be identified with you lot, I shall frankly have the best of both worlds. So please do your worst Brexit numbskull and foreign originated morons, get Britain out of the EU and see who really cares? The Queen might be ecstatic as it’ll undoubtedly ensure the delusional notion of the Divine Right to rule over you “revolting” peasants! But is that reason enough in the 21st Century?

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