By Stanley Collymore
Once we were total strangers; our individual
existences entirely unknown to each other
and our separate lives complete worlds apart;
yet from that first encounter, not by any
means the easiest of situations, has
developed an interesting and
mutually rich meeting of minds,
which has gradually led to a
harmonious serenade of reassurance
between us and an exceptionally
strong empathy of the heart.
© Stanley V. Collymore
7 July 2001.


Authors Comments:
Physical love notwithstanding its merits and importance in the lives of many people isn’t by any stretch of the imagination the only or even exclusively the one form of comprehensible love that needs to be acknowledged, accepted and glorified, as those of you who’ve gone past that stage, if indeed you were ever involved in such a simplistic state of affairs, will self-assuredly know. And therefore to fully embrace love in all its constructive and perceptible revelations and similarly to everyone who participates in them, perhaps you might like to regard this poem as an unequivocal expression of those specific sentiments.

Love, friendship, trust

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