By Stanley Collymore
It’s a difficult situation being a teenager,
and realising adults don’t understand
that we, the young bloods, have all
the answers to the problems
which, for ages, have
plagued man.
It’s a thankless task too to be a teenager,
knowing full well that no grown-up
will admit it’s they who’re actually
the problem; a fact they
conveniently forget.
It’s a maddening thing being a teenager;
all fired up with ideas that could be
the redemption of this quarrelsome
world which we live in; yet
never the light of day see.
It’s utterly frustrating being a teenager,
to be classed as inexperienced, then
marginalised; but whenever it’s
convenient for adults,
suddenly expected to be
responsible and wise.
It’s quite sickening really to be a
teenager and always being told
what to do; never mind what
you think of the instructions
or if they’re any good,
whatsoever, to you.
It’s amazing what’s done to us teenagers
each day of every year, without fail;
the kind of abuse which if inflicted
on animals, would land the
same culprits in jail.
Where’s the fun then in being a teenager,
with no idea of just who you are?
for we’re definitely not
considered to be adults; yet -
we’re no longer naive
children by far.
So I’ll keep my head down and bide
my time although I’ll never relent
on fighting the just cause of the
hard-pressed teenager - until
I’m myself a parent!
© Stanley V. Collymore,
10 November 1997.


teenagers, youth

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