By Stanley Collymore
You came into my life quite unexpectedly, and very much
so unsurprisingly as well; for in every conceivable way
that I can think of nothing like this was ever intended
by me or strictly and being perfectly honest you see
was never actually meant to be. And as for falling
in love while on my holiday the pragmatist that
I am, I would have jovially said to anyone who
suggested a scenario like this that such a
supposition from my very own personal perspective
wasn’t only far-fetched and a decidedly unlikely
probability but likewise as well for someone
seeking to promote such a risible notion
as this would quickly find that theirs
was an estimation, even with the
fanciful perceptions overactive
minds do zealously conjure
up when on vacation, that
even so and especially
in my case would
testify to being a
relatively hard
to sell.
Besides, as complete strangers to each other initially we
were also individually on separate holiday schedules
that only converged simply, as it happened, because
coincidentally we were staying at the same hotel,
which from the start of each December until
March of the following year, and on a
consecutive basis for the previous
five years as well, I had for
academic research and
other literary reasons utilized as a temporary
home; so, consequently, romance for me
in any shape or form was the furthest
thing possibly then from my mind
and surely out of the question;
and that was astutely based
on insightful pragmatism
and not cold arrogance;
or me, deliberately in
any way, seeking
to be unkind.
But having assuredly convinced myself that my amorous
defences were assiduously, impeccably and naturally
impregnably in place and I was therefore in effect
as victim free as anyone could possibly be in
such given circumstances I logically, as is
my forte, conscientiously got on
as I’d customarily done on all other previous
occasions with what my cerebral vacation
and therefore my intuitive mind were
essentially aiming for: motivating
pursuits that specifically were
of a challenging and very
intellectual nature and
categorically not of
the carnal kind.
Apparently though I’d not only overlooked but had
also clearly forgotten in this meticulous strategy
of self-protection I’d routinely and sedulously
taken, omitted to factor into this restorative
equation the definitive law of unintended
consequences; and that’s where self–
confidently, enchantingly, totally
engaging, as it happened and I’m honourably
bound to say, you most disarmingly and
quite pleasurably too in ever possible
way that any genuinely worthy and
truly cultured lady can artlessly
contrive, emphatically and
most rewardingly came
into my life. And most
gratefully, energizingly and very highly
rewardingly, we have reciprocally
and faithfully promised that
for the rest of our natural
lives that’s precisely
where freely we
both plan on
having you
© Stanley V. Collymore
8 October 2015.


Author’s Comments:
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag meiner Prinzessin mit all meiner Liebe! Und vielen Dank fuer all die schoenen Zeiten herrlich zusammen und verbunden mit den gegenseitigen, exquisite und dauerhafte Errinerungen an sie ausgegeben, dass wir teilen. Ich liebe Dich!

Happy Birthday my Princess with all my love! And thanks for all the wonderful times gloriously spent together and conjoined with the mutual, exquisite and enduring memories of them that we share. I love you!

The German Title of this poem is: “Ein unverzichtbares Liebe, die fast nicht geschehen!


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