By Stanley Collymore
From conversations casually but even so interestingly engaged
in with people of all ages, races, genders, religious beliefs or
none; miscellaneous social upbringings, educational and
professional standing and themselves belonging to a
multiplicity of nationalities, they’re not only to a
man, youngster and woman familiar with the
name Jeremy Corbyn but are increasingly too in massive
numbers impressively and convincingly persuaded by
the ground-breaking and achievable political, social
and highly thought-provoking moral arguments
advocated by this most principled man and,
of course, an inimitably and amazingly
outstanding human being, for constructive and
lasting, transformative change for the many
and not just the privileged few in Britain.
An accurately costed, practicable and
therefore, a committed to manifesto
 not the intentionally deceiving
words heartlessly conceived by
the Cabal of Tories, Ukipers,
Labtories and Lib-Dems in
their egotistic, privileged
elites and industriously
looked-after agenda
by the extraordinarily hardworking Labour
Movement and our authentically iconic
Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn for an
unbiased, fair-minded, equality
of opportunity and in terms
of justice also before the
law, stable politically,
economically and a
mutual, reformist
and productive
Stanley V. Collymore
1 June 2017.

Commeth the hour; commeth the man! And in the life of every living person, and that includes all of us, there comes that defining moment when each of us must make the conscious decision whether to grasp the nettle of constructive progressiveness or else decline to do so and accordingly languish unintelligently and counterproductively in the manufactured by others debilitating human cesspit of ongoing mediocrity and non-recuperative degeneration. Fecklessly and supinely doing so because others in their ill-will towards you and with their mendacious, iniquitous, pernicious, deeply troubling, self-serving and repressive agendas manipulatively or even coercively tell you, and expect you to agree and obey, that this is the only choice open to you and consequently the one you must, as determined by them, unchangingly follow.

The exact political, social, economic and educationally combined agenda of the Nazi-Zionist Tories, Labtories, Lib-Dems, their banking, hedge funds and other financially incompetent entities you’re by government decree statutorily forced to bailout and who then jointly and most cruelly screw you in an even worse manner than they’d previously done, as they know you’re a state-induced lifeline for them whenever they want or need one, either because of their compulsive greed or customary incompetence on their part.

Then there are the privileged elites and multinational corporations with ready access to literally billions of Pounds Sterling but who with consecutive UK regime and parliamentary compliance, connivance and duplicity see no reason why they should pay their fair share of UK taxation, or any tax at all, as they salt their ill-gotten gains away in safe and untouchable overseas tax havens while lumbering you the general public and your families at home with scandalous austerity measures in order to maintain their own massive and growing profits as well as their much appreciated, accustomed and undauntedly expected way of life.

Meanwhile, you must carry on existing on the beneficence of those organizing food banks, as you see your kids have their state school meals withdrawn and your elderly parents or grandparents exposed to a draconian Dementia Tax, having worked hard all their lives, and dutifully paid their taxes during that time, to scrimp and save to have a trouble free retirement and possibly leave something for you and other cherished members of your family. And these are just the tip of the colossal iceberg of such glaring atrocities contemptuously meted out to you, as you’re then cynically and with an unbelievably straight faces told: “We’re all in it together!” A mantra you’re told you MUST believe but which unsurprisingly they have no inclination or intention of ever implementing on their part. And why should they? When they’re living the life of Riley and disdainfully see you as thoroughly dispensable and “Useful Idiots?”

Then adding fuel to this sickening scenario of theirs they spend billions of Pounds on a Trident and supposedly independent nuclear defence system which they can’t contemplate let alone use at any time without the explicit say so and approved permission of Rogue State USA, which effectively owns the damned thing anyway! But one-sided and sycophantic solidarity on the UK’s part keeps the Military Industrial Complex of Rogue State USA happy in conjunction with the UK’s toadying imperialistic wars where millions of Global Southerners are gratuitously killed, maimed or displaced as penniless refugees, their countries subjected to arbitrary regime change and their natural resource assets appropriated for the exclusive benefit of graspingly avaricious and privileged white westerners.

Meanwhile, as the UK’s own armaments industries are boosted enormously to support this calamitous anarchy on Global Southerners, you’re told at home that these activities are absolutely crucial to defend Britain’s sovereign independence (beats me the nonsense that passes for logic behind that one), support its NATO allies, protect western civilized standards of behaviour (of the sort that Jimmy Savile and other paedophiles were and are still protecting) and maintain jobs in key sector industries like Bae Systems and the other armaments merchants of death. In short, your killing, or providing the means to do so, Global Southerners is where it’s at and the only way forward for the future of yourselves and your families; but when you get blowbacks in Britain or the rest of Europe, and even False Flags as we saw in Manchester, you must throw your hands up in despair and willingly surrender yet more political power and uncritical influence over your lives to these warmongering, mass-murdering, war criminal, barbaric and lowlife monsters.

Frankly, it’s all a concertedly orchestrated pack of lies! And nothing could be further from the truth! For unless you can convincingly persuade yourself that you’re a mechanized robot and therefore programmed to respond as directed to the suggestions or diktats of those who control you and your every action, then you’d be most foolish to believe their description of yourself and the arbitrary prescription, that without any consultation with you by them, you must nevertheless unquestioningly follow.

Really? In which case why describe yourself as a human being? Since in the case of the latter you do have choices as to how you live, what you think and most significantly in this process ultimately and, hopefully, conscionably do. This is the kind of Britain and indeed a wider world that principled persons like Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonald, Diane Abbott and others are working towards and have been all their public service and personal lives. It’s what I and millions of others like me in our own distinctive ways have also done and continue to do. So why don’t you join us and on the 8 June 2017 go out and make your own distinctive mark at the ballot box for meaningful change? Change that will categorically entail, under a Jeremy Corbyn led government, a Britain “FOR THE MANY, NOT JUST THE PRIVILEGED FEW!”

Thank you for your support and God Bless You!


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