By Stanley Collymore
Someone once asked me, in that questing but
decidedly informal manner employed when
searching for the truth, what love was.
And I gave my answer, which I thought
appropriately covered the matter in
detail. I spoke of emotion and
reciprocal feelings; the joy and personal
satisfaction there is from having someone
special in one’s life to share it with,
and to care for. I even ventured
into the private and intimate
world of love-making.
I also touched on issues as diverse as loyalty,
trust, honesty and the spontaneity of affection
between lovers. All in all, I was doing fine
and really felt good within myself about
my explanation. My colleague, for
their part, went away pleased. Sometime
after that conversation, however, I met you -
and instantly I knew I would have to
redefine my definition of love.
For in generously giving yourself to me,
as well as the manner of your doing
so in this new and dynamic relationship we
now share, you’ve not only brought an entirely
new dimension to the concept of love -
you’ve also created a completely new
vista in which our two souls are
bonded for all eternity.
© Stanley V. Collymore
13 December 1997.



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