By Stanley Collymore
I know it’s only a short while ago that I told you I love
you, and while it might seem a bit much to be saying
it again so soon afterwards the fact of the matter
is that I really do. And for me the reason
is unmistakably clear and quite straightforward,
since singlehandedly it was you that significantly
straightened out and thoroughly transformed
for the better the once troubled life that
I led, turning the recipient of that
propitious favour into the
man that’s now me.
And although inwardly I’m very reluctant to
scale back the frequency with which I’d
like to tell you constantly how very
much I love you I none the less
do realize and fully understand for
obvious reasons– embarrassment
on your part being one of
them– that I must; but even so I do
sincerely hope that this enforced
decision on my part doesn’t in
any way serve to detract
from what I consciously
and, dare I say, quite
unashamedly feel
for you deep
within my
© Stanley V. Collymore
10 May 2014.


Love has no boundaries of its own and as such can sometimes lead the dispenser of it into regrettably intolerable and even impossible situations where realistically it could never or should be reciprocated. Even so the tenacity of love can at times be so compellingly strong that reality loses its meaning provided, of course, that it ever came into the equation in the first place.


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