By Stanley Collymore
So the British MSM barons, their quite ingratiating,
social-climbing minions, coupled with the stupid
and hugely biologically bastard produced
plebeian scum who eulogize them;
additionally in all this their non-white, Useful Idiot
Asians assiduously, and in the most calculatedly
as well as rampant incestuous terms breeding
out their natural physical and dark-skinned
pigmentation, as well as their sickeningly
replicating and correspondingly, brain–
dead servile House Nigger assistants
all think that they must maliciously
and preferably bullyingly, take their fixated
hate and ingrained racism out on Harry
and Meghan for, in their detractors’
sick and loutish minds, bringing
dishonour and humiliation on
the, oh so above board and
honourably civilized, so–
called UK royal family
To which I immediately and unapologetically say you
should really take your hate and indeed poisonous
vilification of Harry for him marrying Meghan, in
clear contrast to this quite perverse eulogizing
of and inane fawning on your royal family
out on the still exalted, H.R.H Prince Andrew
and other diehard bed hopping enthusiasts
in that presumed virtuously exclusive
royal family, and vilely including
Harry’s insincere, duplicitous
and sanctimonious sibling.
For how, with their numerous courtier surrogates and
various servile minions, their massively supportive
corporate MSM barons and the rest of them that all
individually or collectively I personally would
not even be tempted to condescending piss
on them, they’re all rather disgustingly covering
up, pretty much so, the criminality of a child
molester ensconced within this ostensibly
august and, by godly command, divine
royal family; and hence in my astute
mind and objective reckoning are
among the volume of effective
affirmations and impressive
reasons why Meghan and
husband, Prince Harry
are quite happy to
be abandoning
toxic Britain
© Stanley V. Collymore
22 January 2020.

Author’s Remarks:
Harry and Meghan must be free to choose their destiny and not be judged by anyone for their choice. Consequently, if they choose to be happy away from the public eye, then their choice should be respected by everyone, including the British public. Just as you would want when it came to making your own personal decision regarding your private life.

The problem here, however, and one artificially and maliciously whipped up and orchestrated by entrenched hypocritical, class-fixated, power-grabbing media barons, their sycophantic, social-climbing, incessantly bullying, misogynistic, likeminded racist and inured psychopathic minions; the imbecilic and grotesquely untalented privileged elites within Britain who are chronically petrified of the emergence of a genuinely meritocratic society, and even worst still for them having to realistically live in one, have all self-servingly and utterly convenient for them purposely joined forces expediently with the dim-witted, educationally dumbed down and likewise transparently intellectually challenged, moronic plebeians who infest the United Kingdom, but who in normal circumstances these toffs and social-climbers instinctively and acerbically despise, to collectively, and rather asininely, become overnight experts on Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, and especially so Harry and Meghan’s pertinent reasoning and sensible decision to quit the British royal family and toxic, racist Britain.

Intelligently do so against the vitriolic backdrop of the scathing, distinctly racist and the wholly unwarranted vilification which they’ve been routinely and concertedly receiving, and virtually nonstop, just for being a very much in love, mixed race marriage component of the British royal family; ludicrously perceived by these brainless critics of Harry and Meghan: a mixed race, but by these ingrained racists’ venomous assertions a Black woman, within its ranks. Or as white racist Melanie McDonagh wrote in the Spectator: “obviously, seventy years ago Meghan Markle would have been the kind of woman the Prince would have had for a mistress, NOT a wife! Whose mistress in the past as well as currently has Melanie McDonagh been or is? As she seems to be well versed personally on this particular subject matter

Melanie McDonagh then carried on thus in her hate-filled article, stating: “Things have changed. She (Meghan Markle) will now be the apotheosis of the union of showbiz and royalty, with a glorious subsidiary cast of relations.” Other media outlets have themselves obsessively highlighted that Meghan Markle was divorced and is biracial, as if these facets in themselves are hindrances to being in the British royal family.

Yet when these media outlets and their followers are correctly branded or challenged as the racists that they are, their hostile but always unconvincing response is to accuse their valid criticizers of playing the race card, while idiotically asserting themselves what an exemplary non-racist, overtly welcoming and comprehensively tolerant society the British are, and likewise their nation of Britain is!

So I propose, as all other sensible and intelligent people do, that instead of you morons wilfully and maliciously disparaging Meghan Markle and berating Prince Harry for having her as his choice for wife, why don’t you instead, the lot of you, take a long, hard look at your own lives, self-evidently pathetic in the extreme in numerous cases where your sort are concerned, before you stupidly and worthlessly start voicing your pretty sick and twisted opinions about others whom obviously you’ve never met, are unlikely ever to do so, and most certainly don’t know! Like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for example! Assuming, of course, that you’re intelligently or sensibly capable of heeding such pertinent advice or doing anything constructive about it.

But that’s not a challenge that many of you would want to undertake. Since jumping on a contrived racist and misogynist bandwagon in which you bellicosely do everything to get rid of our ambitious, free-spirited and vibrant young royals like Harry and Meghan, you and your manipulatively sanctimonious royal courtiers, duplicitous media barons, self-serving privileged elites and the rest of the contaminated British scum can then happily replace them with someone with links to a billionaire paedophile. Because, frankly, that’s the sort of verminous world that the lot of your sort relish and live in. So basically, you’re looking after one of your own!


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