By Stanley Collymore
Meanwhile, the braindead
British peasants, tugging
their forelocks and also
other things when they
hear a posh accent are rather
engaged in the unusual act of
furiously wanking them–
selves, and includes the
elderly biddies too, in
fevered anticipation,
at what you’re also
knowingly but all
the same pillock–
like, racially; so
very cynically
and amorally
to unbiased
eyes, a sick
and nowt
else than
definitely, of course; and
thus peddled as reality
essentially, to rather
stupid and clearly
gullible plebeians so the
whole world – well, in
actuality, just Blighty
as no one else gives
a damn – to openly
see. As even after
centuries of the
identical darn
things being
loosed off
at these
white pillocks mainly,
they have idiotically
still not worked it
out that all these
perceived posh
types candidly
do not give a
lump of shit
about them,
They don’t care about you
and never will! In fact
they don’t even like
you. Since to them it’s all
about maintaining their
cherished positions of
privilege; and they’ll
naturally pander to
your stupidity and
asinine beliefs as
to achieve their
sick goals and
saliently vile,
(C) Stanley V. Collymore
27 September 2020.

Author's Remarks:
For all you verminous lowlifes getting yourselves worked up into uncontrolled sexual paroxyisms over the hare-brained and perceptual money garnering, political scam of intellectually challenged: despite his expensively paid for private school education, narcissistic,fascistic and discernibly Plastic Patriot Laurence Fox - the kind of cowardly, mouthy jerk who assiduously eschews joining any branch of the UK's Armed Forces but will nevertheless defend Britain to the last drop of somebody else's blood but NEVER his own - I suggest that as the purported white supremacist and master race specimens of humanity that Laurence Fox and you carry out this simple task that will either establish or debunk that theory.

Either research by yourself in a decent dictionary - those of you that have any basic literacy skills to do so that is, or get someone who does to do it for you, and definitively in that taken process etymologically research and establish the genuine true meaning of the words supremacy/supremacist and equally master as they relate to the concept in which you apply them to yourselves and your likeminded racist kind.

And when you've done that please objectively compare these findings with the reality of your own rather inferior, pathetic and verminous lowlife selves! And perhaps you'll begin to - although I'm not holding my breath on that one - recognize, acknowledge and possibly accept why you're exactly as you are.

An utter loser who lives your fallacious dreams through the antics and actions of those whom you most sickeningly fawn to, while simultaneously berating those who you actually, endemically and rather unwarrantedly fear and principally because of that asininely then subsequently despise; because they're infinitely better and more talented than you are or will ever be! So you instinctively hate them and in the sick process of your vilification of them, endeavour endlessly and rather disgustingly to dehumanise them.

It's called scurrilously deflecting your pathetic existence on to others you hate, usually because you're jealous of them, in order to make yourselves feel better.

Laurence Fox: the self-perceived white master race liberator of Britain and, from his equally delusional and twisted perspective, the entire white majority population of Britain Messiah!

But in reality a deeply embedded Idiot and fake patriot who really and quite stupidly believed that only pristine white Caucasians participated in Europe's two 20th Century internecine wars vaingloriously labelled as World Wars I and II; and therefore was quite incensed, was Laurence Fox, to actually discover a solitary Sikh Asian in the cast of the World 1 film 1917, citing in his sick and ignorant mind that actor's "odness" at being there in the first place.

This despite the enormous and quite verifiable contemporaneous records of the multiplicity of non-white empire forces who voluntarily and discernibly very courageously fought in both World Wars I and II; and with Laurence Fox then further adding insult to injury in claiming that the Sikh's inclusion in the 1917 film was simply political correctness and its attendant wokeism gone mad!

In the ensuing furious backlash from social media this demented bogus patriot said he was unaware of these realities and then self-servingly but unconvincingly "apologized" for his "mistake".

Now again this odious bullying coward with no personal military commitment, service experience or any inclination at all in that regard, wants to become the white saviour of Britain, freeing it from all these scrounging and vastly inferior nonwhites - in marked contrast to him and his master race elements - who're polluting Britain with their unwanted presence.

What a most thoroughly mendaciously twisted and a comprehensively as well sick and delusional cunt, this privileged white boy Laurence Fox is!

Denial, delusion. stupidity, hatred

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