By Stanley Collymore
Incest, very apparently and alarmingly so, is still quite
commonly condoned and, in all actuality, basically
seen by distinctly hard-core elements within
several discernibly outmoded, both in
inclination and thinking, present day
royal families, their equally likeminded and
evidently absurdly imitating, global aristocracies
and privileged elites, as well as those that are
of lesser social ranking but, nevertheless,
recognizably with obsessional, social
climbing inclinations compete with
deeply embedded, culturally and
fatuously explained, inerasable
and incestuous, predilections.
These of invariably Asiatic and most
predominantly Indian Sub-Continental
origin communities; giving rise in
the practice to the objectively
coined and castigatory jest
by those not so inclined
that seemingly incest
for such persons is
considered as
its devotees
best option.
While ostensibly by those who actively
indulge in and also quite zealously
perpetuate this sordidly odious
depravity, it’s undoubtedly
seen and zealously cherished as a
precious trophy that societally
as well as financially they
must at all costs, firmly
retain in their family!
Interestingly, it’s not just Meerkats whose impressive
and categorically confirmed intelligence is patently
self-evident to anyone with eyes to see and that
additionally wishes to objectively do so, but
similarly numerous other species of animals that the
overwhelming majority of humans superciliously
categorize as, and rather pompously too refer
to as simply “wild animals” that in spite of
all this unnecessary and condescending
disparagement aimed at them by most
human beings have, none the less,
among themselves intelligently
worked out the numerous dangers inherent
to them through incestuous inbreeding
and accordingly have determinedly
formulated and adeptly applied
prudent measures to prevent
and entirely eliminate any
such conduct ever likely
to rear its head within
their respective ranks.
Yet Homo sapiens who persistently and overbearingly
consider themselves to be the epitome of every
living thing on Planet Earth even so within
their ranks have extensive numbers of
their own kind globally indulging in this gross
depravity and, furthermore, even consider
incest to be an act of unparalleled and
accomplished superiority on their
part. Which begs the obvious
pertinent question: How
much more perverse
can such outright
morons get,
I wonder?
© Stanley V. Collymore
27 November 2019.

Author’s Remarks:
When Japanese Princess Ayaka is compulsorily obliged to surrender her royal titles because she genuinely fell in love with and chose to marry a supposed “commoner” – interpret that to mean a non-fellow familial and royal member – what the hell was going through the sick minds of those who made that arbitrary and mindboggling decision? For it then poses to any intelligent mind the obvious question, what should Princess Ayaka have done? Dutifully and in accordance with the perverted demands of these repellent Japanese prats who placed her in this objectionable position, give up on genuine love and become a 21st Century Lucrezia Borgia? So that she could retain titles that realistically to intelligent people in this century mean bugger all, except in the sick mind-set of those living in a fantasy world of their own?

And how many of you out there who’re consistently bowing and scraping in your deeply ingrained and constantly manipulated sycophancy in regard to all elements of the British royal family, whether or not any of them are actually deserving of any of this fawning, do actually know that it was only as a direct consequence of sound and irrefutable medical evidence and advice given and obviously heeded by the controlling elements of the British royal family and its advisors just a few generations ago – in effect the early to middle 20th Century – that consistent inbreeding within its ranks had resulted in that family becoming riddled with the severe and disastrously threatening disease known as haemophilia. And which if not sensibly, practicably and categorically tackled could render the royal “Firm” redundant as a consequence of the very actions it was habitually indulging in.

And always keen to put the “Firm” first the ruling elements of the British royal family heeded that medical advice, and for the very first time the British public in addition to the rest of the world saw a change in attitude, with the likes of the late Princess Margaret adding new blood to this moribund and basically stagnant blood pool when she was officially allowed to marry commoner, Tony Armstrong Jones. Triggering a familial situation that carries on to this day and as I write.

And you must hand it to these people, for whatever else they might be, they are undeniably consummate survivors.

But before all of this ever happened Queen Victoria who was a staunch aficionado when it came to keeping it in the family, personally ensured that practically every one of her large brood of offspring and close family members were married to each other, and even though the family tensions and jealousies did result in internecine wars between Britain and the rest of Europe, notably Germany, Victoria nevertheless carried on with her relentless policy of keeping the bloodline in the family, so to speak. And not for nothing was so-called World War 1 caustically referred to as: “A family at war!” And even to this day the British royal family is still biologically related to every other European royal one. And in view of this article that I’m writing, make what you will of that one.

Also at home here in Britain considerable sums of money are being secretly expended on the actual results of incestuous activity that is more commonplace in the UK than is let on or that many of the dumbed down and intellectually challenged who can’t think for themselves have any knowledge of, since the powers that be and who habitually manipulate them aren’t going to divulge this sort of information to them. But I would advise those of you who have even the slightest modicum of common sense to go and do your own research. For the likes of Sajid Javid who as Chancellor of the Exchequer nominally holds the nation’s purse strings and who disingenuously will promise you all sorts of things that he either can’t or won’t deliver, will most certainly not tell you that the Asian and Indian Sub-Continental community of which he is an integral part are disproportionately in terms of their actual UK numbers some of the most financially burdensome recipients of money doled out by the UK for the horrible consequences resulting from their ongoing incest activities within the UK.

But they aren’t the only ones. Increasing numbers of white Caucasians are in the same boat.

There’s an English saying to the effect that it’s possible for one to choose their friends but not their family members. And while in normal circumstances this is largely true, whoever coined that phrase or else slavishly believe in this dictum clearly reasoned without the concept of, or else didn’t take into consideration the reality or the insidious nature of the intransigence of incestuous behaviour.


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