By Stanley Collymore
Ich liebe Dich sehr mein Liebchen! And what’s more
have always done; as you’re a darling Sweetheart
and, for me, will always be the one I’ll cherish
throughout the rest of my life and, moreover,
want you to definitely know it’s my
unalterable intention to make
you my loving wife. That’s provided, of course,
you were disposed to have me as I earnestly
hope you will. For with you around me
you constantly, inescapably, assuredly and
romantically instil that glorious and enthralling
feeling that unquestionably quite delightfully,
thoroughly and inspirationally convinces
me - as anything is ever likely to, just
how emphatically, decisively and
besottedly, as it happens, I’m
profoundly and ardently
in love with you!
© Stanley V. Collymore
2 October 2015.


Author’s Comments:
Dieses Gedicht ist in Erinnerung an alle die wirklich bemerkenswert und inspirative hervoragend, liebevoll und unglaublich romantisch deutschen Damen, die im Laufe der Jahre haben solche wunderbare Freude und fantastisches Vergnuegen in mein Leben gebracht; aber unter ihnen alle meine Prinzessin Sie sind definitiv die Special One!

This poem is in memory of all the truly remarkable and inspirationally outstanding, loving and incredibly romantic German ladies who over the years have brought such wondrous delight and fantastic pleasure into my life; but among them all my Princess you’re definitively the Special One!


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