By Stanley Collymore
In reality we’re actually complete strangers to each
other not having previously met or even spoken
to one another before, yet intrinsically and
quite astonishingly strange, although by
no means peculiar in the least, a
consummate and remarkable
understanding seems to have spontaneously
developed between the two of us, that
had it occurred in circumstances
where, however transiently so,
we’d physically met before it
would instinctively have been
specifically categorized I know
and generally accepted by
those aware of it, including
ourselves, as a tangible
sign of mutual chemistry between us.
But in the clear absence of any concrete physical
or clear-cut emotional stuff, the pertinent and
engrossing question is, how should we
realistically define what’s really going
on between us, knowing that the
present situation alone if left
entirely to itself is quite
evidently from both
our perspectives
not enough?
© Stanley V. Collymore
5 September 2014.


Author’s Remarks:
The poem: “Physically Strangers but emotionally Soul Mates” and that is featured here, is written specifically for all those who think and even happily convince themselves on the basis of strictly subjective and personal reasons that are themselves encapsulated either in a lack of courage, will power or capacity on that individual’s part to skilfully transmit their perceived emotions to the person whom they most desire in the world to receive them; a situation compounded by the additional and absolute failure to appreciate or significantly grasp the fact that loving someone in total silence is all well and good if the person who is actively involved in such a pursuit is fully content to live in a fantasy world of their own making.

However in real life and the actual world of pragmatism it is not only and unambiguously a non-strategy but likewise an unmistakable non-starter in itself, as well as an utterly absurd exercise if the desired end goal is to formulate any kind of meaningful relationship that has even the remotest bearing on or any probable success in relation to a truly constructive and beneficial, let alone a long-lasting relationship of the amorous kind.


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