By Stanley Collymore
I took you for granted; never realising
how very much you mean to me or how empty
my life would be without you. I recklessly
played with your emotions unconcerned
about the harm it was doing or the
untold suffering that it would
cause you long-term.
Greedily, I took everything you ever offered me but
gave nothing back in return; because my selfishness
was in-born, and so I couldn’t see either the
value or significance of your gifts to me of love,
devotion and loyalty– but most importantly
of all, yourself. Until, that is, my uncaring
attitude forced you to rethink the sense
and purpose of what you were doing on my behalf;
and whether or not a relationship that for you
had become a minefield fraught with unseen
dangers was really worth carrying on.
Or if the time had finally come for you to call it a day
and safely walk away to look for greener pastures
where you could start a new and not so
complicated life on your own. Alas, for me, with
great resilience and resource you wisely chose
the latter course, given what little there was
from me either to start with or choose
from. But with you gone - leaving me all
alone with only memories of you - I wish
with all my heart that I’d been different; and in
belatedly saying how very sorry I am for all I’ve
put you through persuade you, even now, to
reconsider your decision and relent -
and hopefully return to me, as
I would like you to.
© Stanley V. Collymore
10 December 1997.


regret, lost-love

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