By Stanley Collymore
God! It’s time for Americans to
face the truth. Your country
was built on stolen land;
equally too the labour of people
stolen  from other lands. And
other than World War Two
you, the United States of
America, have never at
anytime in your brutal
historical span been
a participant in any
other honourable
or justifiable war.
Furthermore, your generally
much flaunted democracy
linked with its discernibly
highly lauded prosperity
which you hubristically cherish
applies principally to the very
rich, and so predominantly
whites.  An appropriately,
most timely and a long
overdue situation, for
permanently erasing
the cant, mythology
and rank hypocrisy
involving equality
within the whole
USA and simply
relaunch again.
And most essentially so
the very identical thing
literally goes for the
plethora of smug but so
discernibly dimwitted
ostriches, infesting
Britain, Australia,
Canada and, of
course, New
And consequently your
respective countries’
white subjects, or
citizens,  clearly
grotesque and decidedly
mendaciously cynical
denial of their very
deeply ingrained,
insanely, totally
instituted as
well as their
supported systemic
racism, especially
towards Blacks;
really deceives
nobody– but
White Idiots denuded of all
self-worth, respect and
even basic common
sense; incredulously using
instead their supposedly
endemic and routinely
white– supremacist
entitlement, to not
so astutely cover
up for what they
are significantly so
clearly genetically
and very socially
deficient in and
as well, visibly
ineptly most
uncaring of.
And quite idiotically believing
that racism, and their brand
of it, is really the adequate
antidote to their very own
inferior situations.  But
nothing even odious
deeply entrenched
hatred and cruel
injustices, like
racism– can
as the
legendary David, fatally
demonstrated and so
critically prevailed,
in his unequal
battle with
(C) Stanley V. Collymore
1 September 2020.

Author's Remarks:
Racism is one of the deemed essential characteristics of Nazism and its essential bedfellows Fascism and Zionism, all three of them core elements of white western societies.

And isn't it a clear expression of ingrained racism to premeditatedly and most unconscionably to treat the victims of these same heinous crimes wholly differently, simply because of their race and the colour of their skin?

Denial, delusion. stupidity, hatred

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