By Stanley Collymore
Please, don’t play mindless games with my intimate feelings,
as they’re already in a very delicate state of imbalance even
without that state of affairs constantly and confusingly
happening. And if you can’t seriously offer anything
positive to this relationship with me, which you’re
perpetually claiming to be deeply interested in, then honourably
forego whatever it is that you’re actually doing. For in such
decidedly obvious and compromising circumstances: me
supposedly in a meaningful relationship with you but
essentially, as it stands, virtually on my own and,
furthermore, vulnerably facilitating a situation
that your capricious behaviour is routinely
subjecting me to; to be perfectly honest
with you, upon judicious and heartfelt
reflection of this entirely untenable
situation, I’d much prefer– as the
best, most judicious and logical
option left me in these dreary
circumstances– to be freely
and completely left alone.
© Stanley V. Collymore
13 September 2019.

Author’s Comments:
One of the cruellest things imaginable, and often done – and I say this both from a personal as well as an objective perspective – that any human being can inflict on another person is to intentionally set out to convince that hapless individual that the callous perpetrator of what is essentially a heartless and determined lie does love them, when in effect that person already and intensely know that they don’t and, what’s more, have not the slightest intention of ever doing so.


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