By Stanley Collymore
Fascinating isn’t it how cowardly bullies who have no
compunction at all in gratuitously dishing out their
injurious vitriol and criminality to all and sundry
whom they malignly hate and just as spitefully
routinely and publicly show their ingrained
detestation for, can routinely be counted
on account of being the childish and
low self-esteem morons that they
incontrovertibly are, and who
perceptibly have no notion
whatever of the meaning of responsibility much
less so what commonsense is or integrity does
stand for, nevertheless as the astonishingly
boorish adolescents that they patently are
trapped in a puerile frame of mind and
stuck alas forever in physiologically
adult bodies from which they have
no realistic aspirations to escape
from nor any genuine chance
of in fact doing so judging
by their manifest lack of
any marked credibility
joined with a wholly
bizarre demeanour to everything they take
under their wing, generally then go on
to manipulate these immeasurable
inadequacies of their own as the
characteristic benchmark for
their unrestrained stupidity.
An utterly badly chosen
Situation, which as we
now see is incredibly
and very regrettably
going to asininely
be reinforced by
an equally idiotic,
totally toadying
to its perceived
social superiors
and likewise as
deceitful and
criminal in
© Stanley V. Collymore
15 August 2016.

Author’s Comments:
In 1980 I sensibly and voluntarily quit the English educational system in which I taught to take up a university academic teaching post in Germany. My decision was a consciously made one because I could precient-mindedly observe the increasing dumbing down of the English educational system, detested and abhorred the way it was heading and frankly didn’t want to be any part of what was patently in store for my country. It has been a decision, leaving the English educational system, that I’ve never regretted and if what I foresaw coming in 1980 had been delayed until now in 2016 and I was still teaching in England I would have unhesitatingly as I did back then in 1980 do what I consciously did all over again.

Stupidity either from privileged “elite” or deeply ingrained and loathsomely cultivated so-called “cultural” but patently incestuously in-breeding practices as well as a whole plethora of other physiological, psychological and community factors abounds commonly throughout Britain and across all social strata within the United Kingdom; but there is additionally another element of it that over recent decades has been detrimentally and concertedly introduced into the British way of life and that I’ve personally categorized as assiduously manufactured and deleteriously manipulated stupidity.

It’s replete in Reality TV shows the life-blood of British television viewing and the concept behind them; vigorously, profitably commercially and intensely propagandistically as well as manipulatively marketed while knowingly on the part of those running and likewise involved in all of this within the corporate media that they’ll be massively beneficially and financially rewarded from doing so; utilized to its fullest extent by a collectively delusional mindset, hopelessly out of touch with everyday reality and patronizing to anything and everyone outside of the narrow purview of their endemic world of cronyism and nepotism judiciary and criminal justice system.

And all this compounded by politicians, political parties, the Zionist and Neo-con lobbyists that significantly influence and even script the political agenda and legislation of these selected and conspiratorial governments; the political party donors that in exchange for their substantial financial contributions are with immune status allowed to embark in activities centred on massive money laundering and tax evasion that successive British regimes and prominent UK politicians, active and retired, of all parties have and still do turn a blind eye to. And how could we ever forget the multinational corporations and the Military Industrial Complex for whom these exploitative Global South British and other western wars of choice are waged with the said politicians knowing full well that in doing these manipulators’ bidding they like Tony Blair and the other mass murderers and war criminals will be handsomely rewarded.

And where do the British police fit into all this? Clearly as Useful Idiots – best exemplified with their own corrupt, murderous and institutionalized racist practices and inured criminality as the archetypal dogs to the treacherous and back-stabbing now privileged and elite pigs in George Orwell’s Animal Farm; most happy our men and women in blue to do their social betters bidding either in exchange for useless honours baubles or a seat in the unelected House of Lords for the more senior ones in the Metropolitan Police for example when they retire or carte blanche to carry on as usual their corrupt and murdering practices by these constabularies rank and file members. So anyone who thinks that creating a British Thought Police is a mechanism designed for the beneficial good of the average member of the British public then think again, as these clowns couldn’t think their way out a kiddies sandpit play area if their lives depended on it.

The right to Freedom of Expression and the inalienable right to free speech for everyone and NOT just the privileged few are all salient elements of any and every society that deems itself to be truthfully politically democratic as well as socially and judicially progressive. And yes there must be laws covering genuine libel and slanderous behaviour against others who wilfully, malevolently and fraudulently seek to or actually manage to traduce the respectable name, character or reputations of others; and when that occurs the courts are the rightful forum where such matters MUST be lawfully dealt with! Not the bloody British Police who are themselves past masters not only at character assassination – the Hillsborough 96 a case which throughout the police consistently lied through their corrupt teeth, and premeditatedly wrongful imprisonment - the Birmingham Six, Guildford Four and Cardiff Three to name but three of multiple instances of malevolent and intentional incarceration; as well as physical assassination – and here Mark Duggan readily comes to mind.

And if Theresa May at her coronation can on the steps of Downing Street disingenuously say that Blacks are considerably more likely to be disadvantaged under the British legal system and prompts me to ask why she bloody well did nothing about it when as the longest Home Secretary in the history of contemporary British politics she held that portfolio that had as its remit among others the police and judicial system, my honest response to all this absolutely propagandistic crap is, you go along with it if you want to but I most certainly won’t be joining you!

Everything that I write and post online I properly research and get other information that I require from impeccable and trusted sources otherwise I won’t consider writing it in the first place let alone actually doing so; and the Police or Security Services are at liberty to check what I do, and I encourage them to – it might even improve their standard of English when I’m not cussing them all that is – but as far as determining the content of what I write or else hoping to instil the fear of God in me that I’ll desist from what I’m doing – don’t hold your breath, individually or collectively, on that one!

Enjoy your Poem coppers and other Animal Farm cadres! People who have no qualms dishing out their vitriol to others but when those who’re not scared of them strike back like the mummy’s pets they are they go crying to the police. Well I’m not one of those scared of you, nor am I impressed by anything the lot of you do! And shall carry on as I’ve always done! So there!


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