By Stanley Collymore
Throughout my life, ever since I attained what beneficially as
it turned out for me was an early puberty, I’ve lasciviously
and rapaciously used sex and my swiftly accomplished,
advantageously embraced, masterfully and daringly
manipulatively, no-nonsense contributory and a
naturally equipped disposition attendant with
my utterly commanding, cum-avaricious
and immeasurably persuasive feminine
wiles, delectable coquettish flirtations and my
superficial but totally convincing promises
of giving unbridled sexual satisfaction to
every client of mine  whether man or
woman  to alluringly but decisively
from my standpoint exert and fully
achieve my personal demands or
requirements, and accordingly
devoid of all insinuation of
even the smallest amount
of compunction on my
utterly confident part
rather heartlessly, I
must confess, get
from each and
every one of
them what
so ever it
is I’ve in
mind to
Stanley V. Collymore
4 February 2017.

Author’s remarks:
Whether lawfully and consensually engaging in so-called moral and conventional acts of sex activity, be it just pleasurably so or is itself an act that’s more strictly and exclusively for procreation purposes, or else voluntarily, enthusiastically, lasciviously and accordingly wholeheartedly indulging in the most unbridled - solo or reciprocally participative with one’s consenting partner – and gratifying fashion in the act of sexual intercourse is from my perspective no one else’s business but those who’re personally involved.

However, when sex is purposely, premeditatedly and thoroughly calculatingly weaponized and then either unilaterally, subjectively, treacherously, cold-heartedly, emotionally and/or financially exploitatively utilized to create incalculable harm in and even detrimentally and uncaringly impair the lives of cruelly conned, unsuspecting or even gullible human targets - pre-planned or opportunistic ones - that’s an entirely different matter altogether and one that must therefore be ruthlessly stamped on whenever and by whomsoever it occurs.

And slappers fall squarely into this latter category of lowlife scum elements that regrettably form part of the human race. Even so that’s no excuse why they should be tolerated or what is more relevant allowed to exist.


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