By Stanley Collymore
Whether or not there’s actually a God is a moot point
really when it comes to assessing how we conduct
our respective lives: for example the personal
decisions we make, how we perceive or
actually intend for these to impact on
or influence the lives of others
These are choices determined primarily by
one’s moral integrity or the marked lack
of it and has nothing whatsoever to
with skin colour, race, religion,
social background, financial
status or the nationality of
the person involved
let alone their
You appear, Maria to be well aware of these
discerning subtleties of life; and that augurs
well not only for your individual future
but also that of those who’re fortunate
enough to get to know you and
fully take on board what you so
admirably represent and
conscientiously do.
© Stanley V. Collymore
12 January 2011.


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