By Stanley Collymore
In all probability it wasn’t us Brits that created
and first implemented the distinctly well
known phenomenon of Divide and
Rule– although unquestionably we’ve
been its principal beneficiaries– that unwarrantedly
and unjustly criticizingly, from our imperialist
perspective, has been unfairly characterized
as infamous by some while in marked
contrast, and most rejuvenative in
its organizational process, is unequivocally and
beneficially embraced by the overwhelming
majority of white Caucasians, foremost
among whom are us, the white and
genuinely indigenous Britons,
as the determining factor
in our accomplished
and extensive
Then there are others globally, of course; significantly
so our valuable Useful Idiots who thankfully think
like us, happily do our bidding and willingly
service our every demand of them as they
acknowledge and readily accept how
vitally important it is for us: first
in terms of the ongoing development
of Britain itself as a major western nation
and thereafter as a crucial conduit for us, the
means of divide and rule, in determinedly
upholding the proud, unconquerable
and truly unsurpassed spirit that
indomitably masterminded
from our British island
home what by far has
been the greatest
empire, which
the world has
And most characteristically and vitally so for our resurgent
and ongoing global power in the 21st Century has clearly
enabled our unsurpassable spy agencies that skilfully
unmasked, with the covert help of the barbaric and
profoundly autocratic Bantu Saudis and the Nazi
Zionist, yiddish apartheid Israelis, the non–
existent weapons of Mass Destruction
that treacherous dictator Saddam
Hussein: a former but turned
renegade friend of ours, had purposely intended to
unleash within 45 minutes his perniciously
deadly arsenal of WMDs on all of us, a
dastardly plot we cleverly thwarted;
and now he’s dead! But there are
still other threats and troubling
challenges out there that we
must uncompromisingly frustrate and conquer
and why it is that the UK urgently needs to
have in place a Snooper’s Charter! Who
says this? Andrew Parker, whose MI5
and sister agency MI6 gave us, re
the illegal Iraq War, that now
infamous, outright lying
and the 2003 casus
belli dodgy
© Stanley V. Collymore
21 September 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
In February 2003 Tony Blair and his Director of Communications and Strategy Alastair Campbell with a massive and fabricated input from the British Security Services courtesy of the Bantu Saudis and the Israelis and all of them with their specific vested interests to get rid of Saddam Hussein the then President of Iraq and conjoined with the firm commitment that Tony Blair had previously given to George W. Bush on a visit to the United States to affect illegal regime change in Iraq and given the dubious “legal” go-ahead by Charles Faulkner then the British Attorney general but crucially as well Tony Blair’s close friend and former flatmate.

The same Charles Faulkner who is now quite incredibly as it does seem one of a number of Trojan horses in new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet and holding the shadow Attorney General portfolio, between all these aforementioned warmongering players the consensus was arrived at whereby the British public and the rest of the world would be told the monumental and concocted lie, which Tony Blair delivered in the House of Commons, that Saddam Hussein had in his possession weapons of mass destruction that could be deployed against Britain in less than 45 minutes.

All the British media willingly touted the same lie, fully knowing it to be a lie: MPs jingoistically voted for the counter war measures that Tony Blair was dishonestly peddling against Iraq that in reality posed no threat whatsoever to the UK, and despite massive demonstrations in London protesting against all military intervention by Britain in relation to Iraq, Tony Blair none the less as he’d promised George W. Bush he would do took Britain into an illegal, and catastrophically for that Middle Eastern country, war with Iraq.

Triggering in the process both an invasion and occupation that began in 2003 and lasted till 2009: two years longer than World War I lasted and went on for the same duration of time as World War II did. However, during all that time no WMDs were ever found in Iraq, because there were never any there to begin with as Tony Blair, his British conspirators and of course George W. Bush all knew from the outset of this stage-managed charade, as it was they who’d fabricated the entire lie.

Moreover, the fallback pretext when these lies couldn’t produce any WMDs that these western liars had openly declared to the world that Saddam Hussein had aplenty they then switched to another lie that Saddam had harboured al-Qaeda in Iraq, the terrorist group that was deemed responsible for 9/11; but this too fell awry and was shown to be similarly a blatant lie. Not least so because it was well known internationally that there was no love lost between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda. For the simple reason that Saddam Hussein ran a secular government and state in Iraq and had no time for or any truck with the likes of al-Qaeda that was a rightwing, ultra Wahabi, Bantu Saudi indoctrinated and supported western terrorist organization, as it still is in 2015.

So there was distinctly no al-Qaeda in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was in charge of his country. However, the gratuitous dismantlement and crucially too the disbanding of Iraq’s armed forces quickly pave the way by the west for the emergence, for the first time ever, of al-Qaeda in Iraq and subsequently the genesis of ISIS, also created by the west and NATO. Another western lie and fraudulent pretext for the US and Britain being “legitimately” in Iraq definitively debunked. Importantly too 9/11 was an insider US-Zionist apartheid Israeli false flag operation with the Useful Idiots al-Qaeda quite happy for propaganda and recruitment purposes to take the kudos for something they didn’t do.

Fast forward to 2011 and David Cameron’s abuse of a UN no fly zone over Libya to affect an illegal regime change there with the assistance of NATO partners and leading to the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi, his barbaric assassination and the savage transformation of Africa’s richest country, Libya into a markedly chaotic and also a discernibly failed state and a welcoming haven for the terrorist insurgents that David Cameron and his NATO pals and EU members had infiltrated into Libya to do their dirty work on ground for them.

Previous to Libya Britain had done the same things in Afghanistan and prior to 2011 David Cameron had personally ordered covert operations with the SAS and British security forces, and still ongoing in 2015, inside Syria with the specific purpose of fomenting chaos in the country, triggering a fabricated “civil war” with the assistance of British trained, armed, funded and logistically supported foreign jihadists Britain had transported to Turkey and Jordan for these ends and with the ultimate objective of killing President Bashar al-Assad of Syria on the behalf of Zionist apartheid Israel, for whom David Cameron is a dedicated Israeli agent and UK fifth columnist in collaboration with his likeminded Labtory and Lib-Dem allies.

Now with large sections of these British traitors pernicious plans having spectacularly backfired on them and triggering in the process a massive and wholly unexpected for them refugee problem for Europe, David Cameron, his Nazi Tories and the disgruntled Labtories in the Labour Party having been swept aside by the huge avalanche of Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide win in the Labour leadership campaign together with the rump Lib-Dems trying to curry favour having been kicked out of government after the last general election on the 7 May 2015 are collectively nastily gearing up to assist the 24% Tory regime, the complete opposite of everything Jeremy Corbyn stands firmly for, in giving the man they all genuinely fearful of a proper vindictive kick as they see it.

And how do they plan to do this? Knowing Jeremy Corbyn’s principled stance against waging yet another western imperialist war against a Global South Country David Cameron and these treacherous conspirators of his are preparing plans and using the media to propagandize their objective favourably to a basically stupid British public with short memories that the only way to stem the flood of refugees to Europe and save Britain from being swamped by them is to bomb Syria, which will also deter these “migrants – never refugees as David Cameron and his ilk have resolutely refused to accept the glaringly obvious fact that it’s they who’ve created the situation in the first place with their illegal wars in these peoples’ countries – from risking their lives on the perilous journey they’re now making; as if they care!

All ostensibly done on humanitarian grounds of course when the real purpose is to bring about what they’ve always wanted to do from the very outset: bring about further regime change in a Middle East country, this time Syria, while massacring a number of innocent civilians and refugees and then blaming their slaughter on President Assad, so that when he’s eventually assassinated or even convicted if captured and tried in some show trial or other and with the inevitability of the death penalty handed down to him, the western mainstream media and these murderous politicians can all chorus together as they did with Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi that this time too President Assad got his just desserts.

Meanwhile to keep the dimwits in Britain under their control the Tories, Labtories, Lib-Dems and the security forces can more easily in these given circumstances re-energize the UK’s Snoopers’ Charter, tell a largely manipulated and stupid public that it’s necessary to protect Britain from terrorist attacks, several of which have already been foiled they’ll be told, but that more still needs to be done and that’s where the Snoopers’ Charter will come into its own. Job done and a public bowled over with yet more spin. More lies again! But since when have these lying bastards ever told the truth or know how to?


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