By Stanley Collymore
The preselected, blatantly rigged Democratic Party US
presidential election primaries and caucuses candidature;
the Zionist Banksters; Military Industrial Complex
and the enthusiastically supported neo-con
fellowship together conjoined with the
financially, socially and politically
privileged one percent and their jointly obsessively controlled–
freak, arrogant and rather hubristically assumed as of right,
according to their absolutely skewed and entirely sick
interpretative notion of that expression that is itself
totally at variance with what that frequently over
used declaration actually means, didn’t manage to pull off
what they all intuitively longed for, eagerly concluded
would happen, and most impudently and noticeably
patronizingly from the perspective of their quite
deeply ingrained, personally compelling and
graspingly materialistically vested interests
declared was an unmistakably clear-cut
concern for all of them, as they then
vaingloriously took to haughtily
telling not only the rest of their
fellow Americans but equally
the entire and somewhat
bemused world would
be an outcome that
was an already
That the utterly corrupt and US presidential candidate of their
collective choice who was buried deeply in their massive
financial pockets and also like them was decisively
and unconscionably without a solitary care in
question for those whose side that she too
routinely, lyingly and self-servingly
professed to be steadfastly on,
would automatically, and without the least bother or any
realistically possible concern, amble on her journey
all the way to easily and decisively winning the
US presidential election. A conclusion that
would enable this bevy of narcissistically,
privileged and endemically, criminally
corrupt elites along with their like–
minded billionaire co-sponsors
in this inimical enterprise to be quids on in terms
of advantageously garnering a genuine bumper
harvest from all the money and likewise the
massive and enormously gainful media
propaganda they were rather keen
to fully and uncompromisingly
invest in their particular and
winning protégé’s success.
While at the same time absolutely convinced that their
entirely selfish actions constituted both personally
and financially a clear-cut as well as a uniquely
win-win situation all round for each and
everyone of them to advantageously
and fully exploit to their hearts’
content; but miserably failing
in this hubristic euphoria,
rampant egotism and
superior presumption on their part to perceptively
detect the storm clouds that were menacingly
gathering within the US electorate; and
where significant numbers of ordinary
Americans either astutely or else
cussedly with the hump had
by now decided to ditch
the quite prematurely
acclaimed, rather confidently waiting to
be anointed Madam President, all
along the Establishment openly
preferred candidate in this
vitriolic contest and to
unambiguously go
instead for the
political establishment’s
sworn and publicly
stated nemesis;
one Donald
© Stanley V. Collymore
21 November 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
I’ve never subscribed to nor will I ever do to the totally asinine and unsustainable point of view that one gender alone of the distinctly two which I still firmly and will always believe that the Almighty God or Nature if you’re an atheist or agnostic created and always intended to be permanently so is entitled to, should ever be allowed to and what’s more must on that totally flawed premise of gender alone exclusively and furthermore forever unchallengeable let alone sycophantically be permitted to run the world and additionally in the process control the lives of everyone else who either currently lives or in the future will do so on this planet that we call Earth.

Anymore than I believe or could ever be persuaded to that either brutally and barbarically enslaving millions of people unjustly as well as unjustifiably and considered by those who did so, still see such behaviour as perfectly permissible and even as legitimate by those who over several generations later have subsequently succeeded them are themselves staunchly of the likeminded opinion that it’s something desirable to be embarked on, as such people are by nature essentially and in every conceivable way inferior to them; or else that it’s perfectly in order to hideously exploit those people or others like them forced into a similar situation as them through a multitude of ways for their abusers’ own barbaric and utterly self-serving interests, and thus this is a wonderful prescription to be beneficially initiated, vigorously implemented or propagandistically proselytised

As a life long and meritocratically minded individual while I firmly, fundamentally and will always unfalteringly believe in the equality of opportunity for all persons regardless of their inherently racial or ethnic, discernibly cultural, chosen religious, social or national identity; educational or financial background; physical wellbeing – and that includes any disabilities they may have, age, linguistic capabilities, a sparsity or even in the case of the overwhelming majority of white Britons none of the latter, or gender, I nevertheless fully acknowledge as well as both sensibly and rationally accept that although we’re all supposedly human beings and therefore individually may well be genetically equipped from birth or through societal inculcation with a diversity of skills, or on a sliding scale considerably less or even none of these, we’re however in no way all equal or should we ludicrously pretend to ourselves that we are.

That said, it doesn’t mean that because one set of individuals have and competently exhibit skills or capabilities that are currently fashionable then they must somehow be accorded a superiority status and consequently expect and be given accelerated priority over everyone else who doesn’t fit into this particular and favoured scheme of things however popular or even important at the time it might be. For instance a doctor, known locally in the UK as a GP and a shortened form for general practitioner or a heart or brain surgeon may be vital as regards saving lives in a way that even the best electrical engineer couldn’t but for their part are utterly useless when it comes to getting a national and vital electrical grid system up and running satisfactorily if at all. In brief, one’s usefulness shouldn’t ever be determined solely by completely subjective, basically narrow-minded, thoroughly bigoted or wholesale and to all intents and purposes fraudulent assumptions but rather by its competence and suitability.

And that’s why the introduction of gender as an exclusive and absolute prerequisite for any position going, however elevated or lowly it might be, is not only rank arrogance and a total nonsensical approach to life when observed objectively but also a massively contemptuous insult to human dignity, commonsense and intelligence I believe. And to use the flawed and obviously spurious argument as many in Britain are doing to support their brainless assertion that because there are numerically more women there than men – into what category do we I wonder place the plethora of Dykes and Queers that abound there – women per se and totally irrespective of their manifest lack of suitability, temperament or qualification for any job in question must purely because they’re women hog as of right all prominent jobs going or that are subsequently created, is a contention I personally find to not only be mindboggling and an illogical supposition but also one that is the epitome of stupidity!

For that’s tantamount to other equally but opposing numbskulls similarly and categorically stating that only members of the male gender and especially those who are Black because of the horrendous emasculation of Black men over several centuries of white instituted and run slavery and colonialism should as a matter of conscionable conduct and accelerated priority be now given high profile status jobs and exclusively so because of their race and gender. As a Black man that wouldn’t only be complete madness but also outright imbecility. For neither ignorant nor unconcerned about what has transpired in the past and still largely goes on I’m nevertheless fully cognizant of it all and confident in myself as well that both women and Blacks generally - and not only Black men – have for far too long been consistently and are still habitually given an appalling deal socially and most particularly so in the job market and consequently comprise a state of affairs that must be conscionably, positively, vigorously and impartially tackled, and in that unambiguous approach be permanently and constructively put to rest.

But while there are indisputably several ways of beneficially doing this nepotism, cronyism, favouritism, inverted sexism or racism, or simply throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater in order to please or placate populist elements within the population aren’t, in my opinion, requisite or satisfactory solutions to what’s basically a dire problem or should they ever be. Anymore than women should be legally or asininely allowed to nationally pick and choose what jobs generally, and especially those of a prestigious or influential nature in their society, that they can then patronizingly deem should or shouldn’t be theirs as of right and also in that sense automatically be theirs to have or else contemptuously turn their noses up at not doing.

And you know as well as I do what I’m driving at here. Quite okay for women to aspire to be Prime Minister or the President of their respective country and to rather vaingloriously hold down in their view any other number of prestigious jobs – and that’s perfectly fine with me – but no such enthusiasm I see when it actually comes to for instance doing vital but low status and even backbreaking jobs however well paid these might be like sanitary workers, dustmen to you and me, or being on the frontline militarily bravely defending in their bogus patriotism the same country they unabashedly, warmongeringly and hubristically unlawfully urge to go to war. No, that’s not women’s work they’ll hurriedly tell you in their most contrived pained, horribly hurt and pretend insulted manner; it’s what men are essentially there for but with an irony lost entirely on such feminist morons, Dykes, risibly effete Queers and their supporters that these are activities exclusively reserved for men in a society or country to be controlled solely by women!

Well I did some rather detailed, empirical research recently to basically confirm a suspicion which I already had, and it was to factually determine the numerical quantities of verminous cockroaches and other similar creatures – not exclusively the Blairites, Labtory, Nazi-Zionist, Tory, Lib-Dem, Westminster Bubble, other privileged scum and their dim-witted supporters across Britain although they too were included in my survey – that infest and infect the UK, and predictably discovered that even without the inclusion of this purported human element the former vermin vastly outnumbered the total mass of human beings across the United Kingdom. Which prompts the very obvious question, should cockroaches for example, which are greater in number alone than the entire UK population and are the only creatures known to be able to withstand, survive and thrive in the aftermath of a nuclear extinction of most other forms of life and particularly so the human kind, using the fraudulent argument regarding the numerical superiority of women in Britain or anywhere else in the world be similarly used as the basis for ridiculously giving them full and exclusive control to run the country where they happen to live? Now honestly work that out for yourself and then ask yourself if they were women if you could live with the answer you came up with.

From the moment of my birth, throughout my life and ongoingly still females of one kind or another have contributed greatly to my life, have at times played significant roles in it and in several specific instances have most gratefully and appreciatively on my part been absolutely super and marvellously constructive mentors to me.

And they’ve instinctively arisen from a number of voluntary and varied sources: close family members, members of the society I grew up in and spent my formative years there; those females who throughout all the several aspects of my diverse educational background as well as my professional and working lives have been unreservedly and quite enthusiastically there for me as well as to assist me when I needed them the most; and, of course, others I’ve either intimately observed on a national or international level or if no longer in this world they once lived in whose individual life, struggles and successes against all the odds have indisputably and immensely inspired me to follow their example in my own life’s journey.

Consequently I happily, thankfully and shall enduringly be indebted to these marvellous and outstandingly, exceedingly principled, thoroughly altruistic, courageous and admirably self-effacing ladies, in the truest meaning of that word, that took life on on their terms and in their hearts and minds knew precisely what it was that they wanted to constructively achieve while both courageously and confidently setting about their committed task of doing so.

The roll of honour in my case of such ladies is enormous and although each one of them is a veritable treasure in their own right and is firmly and permanently embedded in my mind and thoughts at all times, for an article of this nature and with current day attention spans woefully and most regrettably what they are I shan’t demean either their memories, my tribute to them or the valuable contributions they all of them made in my life by listing each and everyone of them here; but they know who they are, those who’ve featured personally in my life.

Nevertheless, I still thought it absolutely essential that I gave a representative cross-section of these truly outstanding ladies here who in their own incomparable manner have tremendously assisted in shaping the course of my own life. With distinction and very much among them are my maternal Grandmother and Mum both named Louise, my paternal Great Aunt fondly and lovingly referred to by me as Aunt Millie, two specially among the others of my paternal aunts, Aunt Daphne now deceased, and Aunt Eurine

who lives in Canada with her three sons and grandchildren; Dame Anita Barrow: former Governor-General of Barbados, first female diplomat to the United Nations and deeply revered sister of Errol Walton Barrow the Father of Barbados’ Independence, Royal Air Force wartime hero and a personal friend of my Dad and later myself and who in his own right was an influential mentor of mine, both of these remarkable personages no longer unfortunately with us.

Significant persons in my private life: Sharon Hurley, Erika Huebel, Lorna Dent, Stephanie Robinson, Barbara Southey, Birgit Rabofski, Annegart Ratajczak, Jeanette Davis, Brigitte Blaurock, Sandra Hartas, Carolyn A. Tippin, Jane Richards, Elaine Crooks, Tracey Cavey and, of, course, my Partner. Then there are those whom I’ve never met nor physically could have done so but who either politically, socially as conscionable activists or as civil rights advocates have impacted both positively and considerably on my life. And among them are: Shirley Chisholm, Winnie Mandela, Ruth First, Josephine Baker, Harriet Tubman, Mairead Maguire, Sarah Ann Gill, Emmeline Pankhurst and Angela Merkel. Although in reference to Angela Merkel this hasn’t always been the case and her stature in my perspective has only grown over the last years of her current role as German Chancellor.

With the implementation of the barbarous Transatlantic Slave Trade and specifically the Caribbean element of it which was just as barbarically replaced by colonialism; and with both these evil entities being throughout their entire existence not only a horrendous travesty of justice for but also and intentionally so a cultural as well as a personal assault on all the indigenous peoples of the region coupled with the senseless barbarity calculatedly inflicted on millions of Black Africans of both genders and of all races savagely kidnapped and then involuntarily transported from their African continental homeland to the same region to spend the rest of their harrowing lives as enforced slaves for the express purpose and financial benefit of white Caucasians, their European homelands and the Arab go-betweens who willingly facilitated this loathsome but highly profitable for its unconscionable and combined white European Jewish, Christian and atheist perpetrators’ human trafficking business enterprise, Black men in particular were specifically targeted for total dehumanization.

This was effectively done by totally emasculating them at every given opportunity and in every conceivable way possible. And the reason from the sick perspective of whites for doing this was simple enough, and still exists in the 21st Century – namely that if you successfully dehumanize someone or a people you are that more likely to totally control them while delusionally convincing yourself that that individual or persons involved are inherently inferior to you and as such you’re not only entitled to act against them in any contemptuous manner that you and others likeminded to yourself feel inclined to but that you also have a solemn duty as well to unambiguously demonstrate to those you’re humiliating your innate and unchallengeable superiority in every respect over them. A policy which as far as Black men was concerned wasn’t only premeditatedly worked out by whites but also mercilessly and meticulously implemented against these Black victims by their white abusers.

With Black women however, while the common superior mode of whites being good and better versus Blacks being bad or even evil and utterly useless was very much generally intact, the fear of Black men while palpable among white men, when it came to Black women it wasn’t as obsessive as it was in the case of Black men and besides white males could always rely on their physical, psychological as well as their alleged racial superiority to subdue Black women, most infamously through rape, other forms of sexual abuse, taking what children they already had away from them and selling them further afield into slavery anywhere across the entire so-called New World never to be seen or heard of again by their mothers, loved ones and the community they’d been taken from; or else doing the same to the women themselves knowing full well that their Black men folk further hampered by not being allowed to marry of their own free will and have a “normal family life” without the say so of their slave master or mistress were unable to come to these women’s assistance without placing their own lives in jeopardy.

Consequently the only effective way that most Black women could and did survive while ensuring as best they could that what family they had was kept intact, was to keep their heads down while clandestinely serving as a unifying bond between their children, other family members and communal friends. A tradition that gradually built up over the centuries of slavery and colonialism, consolidated itself and became the norm in Black Caribbean life where the matriarchal figure positively emerged and became the prominent and indispensable one in Caribbean society and is still largely the case even in the 21st Century. So women both subconsciously, consciously and in actuality have pride of place within Caribbean society and from birth not only girls but also Caribbean boys are taught how invaluable they are to the fabric of our existence as a people, and not only constantly reinforced but also indelibly stamped into the collective psyche of our culture.

The same is not the case however with white men and their women folk; and in marked contrast misogyny is a deeply ingrained factor of their relationship with the so-called fairer and gentler sex. And the only time that white men rush to the “defence” of their white women, and this is most certainly the case in white Britain and its alleged kith and kin in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand specifically, is when these white misogynists either justifiably or more likely than not delusionally think that someone of a different race, and most particularly so Black males, is after their women. Then their own barbarity, rape and the rest of it that for centuries they’ve employed fulsomely against women of other races, and most especially so Black women, forcibly and involuntarily come back and to the fore of their concerns haunt them and as a reactionary response, and reinforced as well by their own guilt complex they ludicrously and rather pathetically risibly transform themselves for that specific incident into a courageous St. George on his white charger figure about to and quite determines as well to slay the evil dragon of inferior racial impudence towards the snow white chastity of white womanhood and on its part the sole purpose of corrupting the latter. But other than instances like that white men per se in Britain don’t really care that much for their female kind and truth to tell very much prefer the company and sexual bonding of other men like themselves. So generally their natural approach to their white women is essentially one of the classic dog in the manger situation.

White women know this and it accounts for the marked rise in Dykeism in the 21st century in Britain but which was always there and why Queen Victoria refused to outlaw it, a problem she evidently didn’t have when it came to proscribing Queerism! And as a result of all of this there’s a general belief among British white women in particular that in order to succeed, and especially so politically and economically, then they must inculcate the worst misogynistic habits of their male kind; and frankly there’s not one single WHITE British politician, past or present, with perhaps the exception of EMILY THORNBERRY, that I’d unquestionably regard or remotely accept as exemplifying genuine female characteristics, as they’re all either markedly Dyke butch in character or else sickeningly Dyke effeminate in nature, if that’s not a contradiction in itself.

And the same is disgustingly true of their kith and kin in places like Australia, New Zealand and across the Atlantic in Canada and the US. While in demonstrably marked contrast in Germany for example female politicians of whatever political persuasion are delightfully FEMALE and proud of that fact, and what’s more are their own women and don’t try to ape men. And it’s the same in France. And like or hate her politics does anyone in their right senses doubt for a single moment that Marie le Pen is anything other than a female in every meaningful and proper male, red-blooded sense of that word and very sexy with it too? A no-brainer isn’t it?

Now in contrast take even a casual look at Theresa May, Hilary Clinton, Julia Gillard, Penny Wong, Louise Pratt, Jennie Rice, Joan Logie, Maryan Street, Louisa Wall, Angela Eagle, Liz Kendall, Jess Phillips, Justine Greening, Margot James, Kezia Dugdale, Ruth Davidson, and the sorry list goes on – now feel free to accuse me of being biased if you want to as I simply don’t care, and not least so for the reason that during my life time I’ve been around the block so to speak several times and instinctively know through those experiences and on top of my own familial and Bajan, female empowering upbringing what real and natural femininity is and what, to be perfectly blunt with the lot of you out there, is bloody bogus! And this odious bunch of creatures masquerading as feminine kind when in reality they’re more akin to a sick and pathetic bunch of Dyke-Androids don’t impress me in the least and never will; and their Queer counterparts aren’t much cop either!

So the idea that women should exclusively be in charge of this planet - and we all know who those creatures given half a chance would be: a consortium of Dykes assisted by their Queer allies – doesn’t impress me in the least and NEVER will. And my preference is for a world run by those regardless of their traditional and indispensable male or female gender who I believe should be in the job because they’re capable of doing it, have the innate capabilities, skills and professionalism to effectively and efficiently perform it at least satisfactorily; and where or in whom they place their turgid cocks or with whom they might choose to consensually rub their dripping fannies has bugger all to do with what’s societally, nationally and globally required of our respective leaders. Otherwise just fuck off and permanently do so!


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