By Stanley Collymore
Here’s the unadulterated and warped elitist priorities of
the British Nazi, police state in the making, and the
ultimate totalitarian entity that you’ve willingly
but oh so idiotically voted into office in this country,
which you quite risibly and rather ludicrously call
the United Kingdom. Sentiments, which are all
so unequivocally emboldened in the sick and
twisted words of the hard-line eugenicists,
fascists and stalwart Nazis that publicly,
supposedly advisedly but in actuality
directly and absolutely control in
all respects your Turkish, Asian–
Yiddish, exotic familial DNA,
Eastern European, Russian–
Ukrainian and bogusly professed
English as this perfectly suits
his sociopathic, nefariously
insane and also deeply
embedded racism
intentions, PM;
Boris Kemal/
And this is the demonic clarion call of
one of Boris Kemal/Johnson’s chief
mentors, Toby Young: Spending
huge sums of money to extend
the generally worthless lives
of a few hundred thousands, usually
elderly people who are themselves
suffering with underlying health
problems, by one or two years
is a grave mistake. Better to
allow these people to die
with neither fuss or any
apologies! Since their
demise is a necessity.
And, at its worst, is essentially
nothing more than simply a
case of collateral damage
occasioned as a proper and direct
consequence in the logical and
rather justified pursuance of
what’s perceptibly viewed
and sensibly understood
as undeniably the best
for humanity through
the clear, beneficial
agency of eugenics.
(C) Stanley V. Collymore
3 April 2020.
Author’s Remarks:
People can of course affect your life positively, negatively or in both these ways– but no one can ever influence it permanently; unless you allow them to! (Copyright: Stanley V. Collymore, 1989)

Totalitarianism; Racism

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