By Stanley Collymore
You’re white and, evidently in your case, totally useless!
And not just as it happens to society generally but also,
quite specifically too and rather obvious to yourself.
However, for all of these appalling circumstances
and, as far as it can objectively be discerned or
properly understood from closely observing
you, you’re furthermore firmly and even
emphatically of the extremely and also
unambiguously fiery estimation that
as far as each one of the numerous
and distinctly dissimilar races who’re
currently and collectively living on this Planet Earth
that we mutually call home, and that together and
for the most part fall exactly under the sensed
and generally accepted judgement of being
labelled human, it’s only your own, and,
moreover, as you see it too, the added
benefit of your most treasured and
enormously revered skin colour,
that conjointly and acceptably
guarantee that you and your
white kind aren’t only and decidedly but also
correspondingly too, enormously superior
in all facets - that one can immediately
call to mind - to all other races and
ethnicities globally; regardless, it appears to be,
how evident and unquestionably transparent
is the authoritative conclusion which that
exceptionally ludicrous and definitely
discriminatory deduction of yours,
in faultless juxtaposition no less,
with recognizably concurring
persons who think and act
as you do, is undeniably
and idiotically wrong.
Nevertheless, in your obsessive and utterly idiotic
lunacy, you ceaselessly persist to still puke out
and most amazingly believe your ludicrous
and incredibly senseless contention, that
simply because you’re a woman and
happen to have been born a white
Caucasian– handily omitting to
acknowledge in your errantly
twisted and delusional observations that you are
a pretty pathetic, on top of you likewise being
manifestly and breathtakingly a poor excuse,
if ever there was one, for a human being—
that by dint of being born white doesn’t
automatically, as you acutely believe,
of itself unassailably confer on you,
either forever and so decisively, a
matchless and, to all intents and
purposes, an elite and premium
brand of exceptionalism, that,
of course, then translates as
fundamentally individual
concerns, to instinctively
and also exclusively too
transform for you into
that prized category
you’re wont to see
as clarification of
an enduring and
cast-iron white
Stanley V. Collymore
9 July 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
This poem and the accompanying article of the same name and nature that I’ve written and accordingly am presenting here for your personal examination, succinctly, unambiguously and most unapologetically sum up, and rather fittingly too even if I say so myself, my distinctly firm and objectively held views on the matter that I’m accordingly highlighting and, if anything, is an opinion that’s convincingly reinforced by the sickeningly evil and pathetically lowlife actions of JEMMA BEALE, a fantasist rape victim, who is now finally and publicly acknowledged as such, and following her recent court conviction for officially make some FIFTEEN bogus rape accusations to the British police that resulted in the imprisonment of her entirely innocent victims and her even being compensated from the public purse with a sum of 11.000 Pounds Sterling in one instance for merely saying that that particular, and now known never to have taken place, rape had left her “totally devastated”, has finally been publicly exposed as the pathological liar that she is, fittingly convicted for the lying and multiple bogus rape accusations that she had made against her randomly selected male victims plus addition proven charges against her of wilful acts of perjury under oath in a court of law, and is presently, as I write, remanded in custody and as she awaits sentence for her disreputable, persistent and pernicious criminal behaviour.

All well and good you may say and might even suitably agree that Jemma Beale is getting what she truly deserves and, consequently, that ought to be the end of this matter. But should it? For frankly, I don’t think so. And, what’s more, am firmly and conclusively of the belief that a significant portion of the overall blame in relation to this perfidious calamity should and must be directly laid at the feet of the local police force that incredibly, so incompetently dealt with this woman’s multiple false rape accusations. And in tandem with them too the Department of Public Prosecutions (DPP) that saw fit to recklessly and most idiotically submit over a sustained period of time some 15 distinctive and alleged rape allegations from this same woman, and solely on her own word, to the British courts’ attention where in turn they all led to successful prosecutions.

This without seemingly, in the least, being curious about any of them, bothering to scrutinize these multiple allegations of hers to ascertain for themselves that they actually happened or, for that matter, in their specific case quite patently too dim-witted to take cognizance of the proverbial penny having dropped that this evil lowlife and an exceedingly poor excuse for a human being was most cynically and deliberately conning all of them while, at the same time, purposefully and psychologically abusing, as well as intentionally and maliciously setting out to irretrievably ruin the reputations, job prospects and even the personal lives of those whom she’d sadistically and dementedly decided must be and, therefore, accordingly had chosen to be her hapless victims.

Significantly too in all of this sickening charade Jemma Beale was quite well known to both her local police force, the DPP and one could even argue the courts that she attended to make her scurrilous and lying rape allegations against her innocent victims. And it’s not beyond the wit, one would have imagined, of all these various and highly paid public officials for at least one among their number to ask the obvious question of why is this woman being so routinely raped and furthermore by different men totally unknown to each other in any way and also on distinctly separate occasions and different locations? But evidently nothing of the kind didn’t cross the minds of these collective morons who seemingly couldn’t without instructions being given to them navigate their way out of a sodden paper bag. Nor did they ask, what to anyone with even a half-functioning brain would spontaneously have done, is why a woman who to all intents and purposes would have been massively outdone in every department simply for beauty alone by the rear end of an elephant was such an irresistible draw for lecherous men who, without knowing her, nevertheless had this compulsive fixation to rape her?

But cogent issues or persuasive arguments like these ones didn’t matter to the police, the DPP and their lawyers or even the courts involved since they’d all made up their minds where guilt laid and had done so from the very start without even bothering on their part to assess the so-called evidence provided by JEMMA BEALE prejudicially working on the longstanding tried and tested, racist white European and, particularly, British, system and that even an extremely dim-witted moron like Jemma Beale was completely aware of. “Who do you think the police, the DPP, the juries, the judges and per se the courts and white society generally are going to believe, you a Black or otherwise non-white person or ME a white, Caucasian woman?

And JEMMA BEALE was absolutely right in her assessment for having chosen her bevy of non-white victims to castigate as her rapists the police, DPP and the courts dutifully and quite faultlessly, and in step with their institutionalized racism, for there’s absolutely no other way that any sensible or rational person can describe the outcome; completely, unprofessionally, and with not a trace of legal or ethical impartiality and furthermore at every term fully with their backing and blessing bent over backwards in their bigoted hostility to accommodate in every respect the delusional, narcissistic and markedly prejudicial lunacy, attendant with their own, of Jemma Beale. Attesting to their mutually held and sick concept that being white, and irrespective of what the evidence is to the contrary, automatically and at all times makes you the consummately proud and worthy possessor of that racial identity both unquestionably and naturally unchallengeably too, right!

Anne Marie Morris claims that her racist remarks were “unintentional”. Which prompts the very obvious question, to those who aren’t dim-witted that is, of how can something which you consciously and deliberately said, not in the heat of an argument or some unexpectedly provoked situation be ever unintentional? But we all know what Anne Marie Morris means. It was unintentional on her part and that of the other white trash lowlifes who were congregated with her for her racist remarks to ever find their way into the public domain. But they have! And as a Black man I really don’t give a fuck now, any more than I did when BORIS KAMAL: The Yid, Nazi-Zionist and incumbent UK regime Foreign Secretary, referred to Black people as “piccaninnies with watermelon smiles.”

But no Black person with a worthwhile life wouldn’t have risen to Boris Kamal’s utterly childish and deliberately provocative abuse and therefore retaliatorily and similarly insultingly refer to him and his kind as “snipped-dicks, Oedipus rex fixated, obsessively money-grabbing, incestuously in-breeding and consummately delusional pillocks”, would they? And for the very simple reason that Blacks have heard these kinds of repetitive, boring and abusive remarks emanating from white trash Caucasians for a number of centuries, and we’re still here; and it’s like water off a duck’s back to us. But when you are as pathetic as these mother-fuckers are and of the ilk of ANNE MARIE MORRIS and BORIS KAMAL what they in their vitriol puke out towards us says more about themselves than it ever does or can about us.

For essentially, although physically in the 21st Century, they’ve nothing whatsoever to positively contribute to it, and whether they recognize this or not their only salvation as they perceive it is to psychologically, and even physically in their rather sick and delusional minds, transport themselves to what they nonsensically regard as the unchallengeable and halcyon days when whites, in their demented minds, were the only people on Planet earth that mattered and as a result determined and controlled everything on it that happened. In short, the Master Race and consequently didn’t have to worry about anything, because whatever they chose to think and subsequently did was, as far as they were concerned, the only things that mattered.

Principally and for lowlifes like Jemma Beale, Boris Kamal and Anne Marie Morris who are all markedly, and from every psychological perspective, lacking in genuine self-worth a most ideal situation, since they can all enthusiastically rely on their race and skin colour, which to everyone else, apart from themselves and others like them who observably think and act the same way, are evidently characteristics that they certainly had nothing at all in determining in relation to themselves, just as everyone else, regardless of their race or colour, are equally in the same situation. But don’t tell them that as they’re too thick to actually comprehend what you’re really saying to them! And for some in the mainstream media to excuse the behaviour of Anne Marie Morris and Boris Kamal by saying that went to Oxford University, my own reaction to that is: so what? And not least so because I know of several people who eschewed the offers for them to attend this privileged elite attracting cesspool because they preferred to attend REAL universities and deal with NORMAL students and lecturers there.

And even though it’s patently obvious that Jemma Beale didn’t, like Boris Kamal and Anne Marie Morris, attend Oxford University the demonstrably obvious mind-set between the three of them is unmistakably obvious.


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