By Stanley Collymore
Everyone with a working
brain, and who sensibly
knows how to employ
it knows that when a
man finds the one he’s really
looking for, he instinctively
recognizes it and therefore
commits himself quickly!
Thus, proposing then, as
Harry very honourably
did do, with gorgeous
Meghan after only 18
months, is truthfully
healthier than over
a decade of dating,
breaking-up only
to readily utilize
these expedient
and spuriously
created fracas
to shag other
but patently
for him, a
coterie of
The vast majority of them
more stimulating than
waity Katie is, has
been, or is ever
likely to be. Something
even braindead Wills
sussed out from the
very beginning of
Catherine’s quite
open, incessant,
relentless, vile
created social
climbing– of
a royal prey
by all those
in the loop
as aptly, a
The obvious truth is that
William never loved
Kate, still doesn’t -
never mind the bloody
crass PR crap they do
perpetually carry on
with, principally for
the benefit of their
obsequiously vile
aptly delusional
totally fawning
noticeably sick,
twisted, racist,
plebeian serfs -
so having himself been
sensibly and roundly
rejected by the very
women from among whose
ranks he stupidly thought
he could therefore con
one of them to marry
him– William quite
plainly and clearly
risibly hadn’t any
possible options
but to settle for
the cardinally
and Stepford
wife variant
Catherine; carrying
on this time, post
maritally, with
his incessant
yen for bed
(C) Stanley V. Collymore
5 October 2020.

Author's Remarks:
William Windsor: certainly wasn't "auditioning Kate Middleton for a job". Since it's well known that he spent that extended courtship bed hopping - as he still does during his marriage - casting around at the time, in his innate insecurity, for other and better options than the one provided by Kate Middleton.

And it was only after the final rejection of his wanted main "prize" that William despondently "committed" himself to waity Katie. Even so his antics as a married man are well known among his turnip toff crowd.

Yet this is the same arrogant, snobbish and intensely racist pillock, William, who in his deeply offensive, thoroughly self-centred, narcissistic, delusinally ingrained, white privileged entitlement and patronizing arrogance instigatorily deemed along with his bloody incompetent, adulterously, incestuously inbred high grade, dysfunctional family - more divorces and adultery within their odious ranks and counting, than some people who fawn over them have had hot dinners - that he and they must stymie, on racist and snobbish grounds only, Harry and Meghan's genuine love for each other, as well as their inalienable right to their own mutual and compatible love for each other.

So please personally and permanently fuck off ugly, delusional baldy and vapid, Stepford broodmare mare Kate, and take your utterly consuming and puerile, ferally mendacious, obsessive jealousy of a very much in love with each other Harry and Meghan with you; for all your ludicrous and public pretence - will never attain. Since your sham marriage is not based on love but rather a very concertedly cynical and a wholly odiously, self-serving contrivance.

And do pass my contemptuous sentiments regarding the lot of you to the rest of the Saxe-Coburg-Gothe-Mountbatten-Windsors and Middleton/Goldsmith families.

Incidentally, extended courtships, as was yours William with Kate, are and do signal red flags in that particular relationship!

Racism, white supremicism

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