By Stanley Collymore
I’m already fully acquainted, if you really must know, with
what they instinctively think of and, what’s more in turn
are explicitly saying about me in the court of public
opinion in connection with you; and earnestly
taking this matter into consideration and
specifically in relation to the situation
that I embarrassingly find myself in and bearing in
mind, too, all the attention that quite obviously
it has been having, who really in their right
mind would then logically want to view
what these people have consequently
wholeheartedly embarked on as
in any way provoking; irresponsibly undertake
to question their impassioned reasoning or
honestly blame them for reaching what
irrefutably from them, and by any
level-headed deduction, is not
only a decisive but also a
singularly arrived at
and unanimous
For even as those who previously were completely
unaware of this personal situation affecting me
but could now clearly see that those who all
along and moreover had collectively and
persuasively been assertively pointing
the finger of conviction strongly in
my direction as a direct response
to my unquestionable accountability which was
noticeably recognizable to everyone whose
principled objectivity that person was
willing to put on show, certainly
had entirely good and quite
valid reasons in store, in
their well thought out
judgement, that led
unflinchingly to
them doing so!
For to put it bluntly, and as I assuredly knew, they
most definitely had the goods on me knowing
perfectly well, as they unmistakably did,
what my track record on this specific
and amorous subject matter, as it
directly related to you then, was
and had always been; and furthermore in their
resolute estimation of all this had also and
correctly assumed how it positively in
their perceptive eyes accorded with
the decisive conclusion that they
had confidently arrived at and
therefore were unyieldingly
and wholeheartedly quite
geared up to defend in
relation to their own
integrity and, quite
perceptibly, also
their defining
on me.
So what other course of action in the stated circumstances
that I was starkly faced with could I either seriously or
realistically have embarked upon doing, seeing that
there was no earthly possibility much less so any
truly convincing way on my part that I could
have disagreed with those eyewitnesses
sound and patently unimpeachable
findings? Except, of course, to
publicly and straightforwardly admit to what’s now an
open secret to just about everyone there is; and with
any real hope of securely extricating myself from
the emotional abyss I was clearly in summarily
throw caution to the wind and myself along
with it on the mercy and hopefully too the
impartiality of the court’s jury, and with
the balance of probability in this rather
tantalizing and amorous review of me
delicately poised, it’s true, between
my wining or losing their empathy,
unconditionally plead guilty to
having always been, still am,
and inexorably will always
carry on being eternally
and most enjoyably
in love with you!
© Stanley V. Collymore
12 November 2015.


The Author’s Thoughts:
Ever since Eve coquettishly tempted and quite obviously as well most skilfully and successfully managed to get a massively turned on Adam, evidently and passionately stimulated by what she was physically doing to herself, to sumptuously, quite pleasurably for both of them and, as a by-product of her expert seduction technique on Adam but equally in that intimate process between them set off a sort of procreative chain reaction which subsequently led to generations of human beings, and the same goes for every one of us who’re currently here, being born with more or less the same distinctive inclinations, to greedily eat her apple – incidentally the first recorded account of cunnilingus in the history of human kind – among many other things which Adam gratifyingly did to Eve and ecstatically relieved the sexual cravings of both of them on that auspicious occasion at the dawn of humanity, generations of their human descendants have in one way or another tried to emulate them.

To say they’ve all been pleasurably successful in their enterprise would be a gross overstatement, since as a consequence of the very personal nature of their individual activities trying to glean the unvarnished truth about these would, to put it mildly, be a massive and unrewarding enterprise, as the truth factor couldn’t reliably be depended upon. So instead rampant speculation takes its place and anecdotal evidence becomes the basic framework on which subjective judgements are made. However, whether the real truth does emerge or not what really matters is how each individual in effect adjudicates on his or her own sexual leanings or involvement, and with whom. What terms we choose to either individually or collectively apply to those sexual yearnings: lust, sowing one’s wild oats, abstinence, promiscuity, celibacy or even the general and amorphous one of love.

And who’s to say which of these terminologies or among the several others not listed here that one has the right to apply to him or her when it specifically, directly, individually and even uniquely affects just them? After all it’s their personal life; and as long as they’re unquestionably a compos mentis and consenting adult legitimately doing what they opt to, what business is it of anyone else judgementally, other than with the person with whom they’re personally, physically or emotionally involved? Is that love? Your guess is as good as mine unless it personally affects you!

Love, Life

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