By Stanley Collymore
Unbridled greed, routine privilege and public office
malfeasance intrinsically coupled with unbounded
nepotism, monopolistic control of the banking,
other financial, all likely gainful commercial
activities together with the miscellany of
other unwarranted but even so highly
influential societal positions given
automatically to people like me
and, of course, the country’s
political and legal systems
that are my own rightful and unchallengeable
entitlements. For collectively and in reality
we’re the Ashkenazim nation: Yiddish
Europeans who’ve conveniently, very
profitably and immensely too quite
beneficially for us in all feasible
fashions embraced Judaism,
and with our post World
War Two ubiquitously,
fraudulently but oh so ridiculously lucratively
used holocaust Anti-Semitism trademark –
although we’re no more Semites than the
native residents of the United States of
America’s Appalachian region– have
nevertheless carved out for ourselves
a prized and illegal nuclear manor
like no other in the country once
known as Palestine and doing
so our critics say, however
don’t believe them, at the
genocidal and ongoing
barbaric annihilation
of its aboriginal and
genuinely Semitic
population, the
© Stanley V. Collymore
9 May 2015

Author’s Remarks:
Feral and detestable sewer scum who happily, sadistically and ubiquitously dish out their poisonous contagion at will and regardless of the consequences for others however unwarranted their perniciously sick actions and multiple offensive activities are; but who when their loathsomely demonic and predatory actions finally catch up with them, predictably like the cowardly Yid bastards and bitches that they are they instinctively dodge justice and its inevitable consequences for them with every resource and all scheming devices at their inhuman disposal, while shouting at the top of their voices – this is anti-Semitism that you’re directing at us!

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