Purple Sky

Live. No one is stopping you but yourself...

Sitting on cotton candy azures as I
watch all of my worries evaporate into nothingness.
As my sun kisses my cheek and says its goodbyes,
the stars come out to play now.
They dance and whisper melodies of serenity.
I then worry less and laugh more.
For my purple skies are evermore.
As my Feet are planted in the sky,
I watch my stars play and hear them
continually whisper to me that everything will be okay.
And at that very moment, I exhale.
I exhale all of my fears, my doubts, my sorrows...
Releasing my inhibitions.
So live for today and never brood about tomorrow.
As a familiar melody in my ear sings that tomorrow is not promised,
where is the fun in forever?


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