This mind is mine, there’s only room for me in it, 
This heart is mine, only I can decide if you win it, 
I have only one soul, from the devils grasp I stole,
My life is unpredictable,  my train of thought is invincible,
My path moves forward, while my car is stuck in reverse,
There is no stop light, no finish line, no tell tell sign, 
No direction to head, no straight path, 
My endeavor is just to make every single second worthwhile and last,
To cheat this devil,
And keep my life level,
Balanced, keep my eyes forward, 
Looking ahead, the sky toward, without a glance back instead, 
A better person to be,
Taking advantage of every knock on the door of life opportunity.


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Danny MF'n Stone
about 6 years

Thank you ;)

Carly Dean
about 6 years

You are really good, this is actually one of my favorite poems you have written. It is powerful in words. And words speak, but actions speak louder.

Danny MF'n Stone
over 6 years


Amanda Laughman
over 6 years


Danny MF'n Stone
over 6 years

You really think so? Thanks

over 6 years

awesome, I can see these lyrics in a good song or something. simplistic yet prolific.

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