God do you love me like I love you
It would be depressing if it’s true
Heaven knows what I would do
So why so hard to confess to you
Secret whispers cry out loud
Blowing symbols through the clouds
Heartache and misery sing to me
Jesus are you far from me
This one song I’ll sing along
The one with the Lord standing strong
Jehovah my forever friend
You wont let me go to hell
Stay close to you and believe
The Devil's tricks can’t deceive
So long as I remain on knees
Now I guess I must confess
So much my life had been a mess
All done by me I failed the test
Is this a hand on my chest
Touching a part that I forget
Jesus you’ve made it new
Now I know your love is true


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Robert L. Martin
about 4 years

Jesus is one friend that will never deceive us. God loves us no matter what.

David Duncan
over 4 years

Thank you my dear, glad you like it.

Fatima Amal
over 4 years

I love the flow and the meaning behind this!

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