So silent and so warm,
Their presence so peaceful.
All I want to do is be around them.
To leave, I feel so miserable.
They give joy and happiness,
Just by being in their presence.
They relieve all your distress
All within their very essence
I could watch them for hours,
Their sweet face and fingers I admire.
This moment is greater than all powers.
A tiny babe is just like a campfire.

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Charlotte B. Williams
alrededor de 5 años

So true, I love babies too. I wrote a poem intitled Babies, maybe you could stop by my page, and read it sometimes.

más de 5 años

I feel the same way as you do towards children. They are so adorable and fun to be around! :)

Robert L. Martin
más de 5 años

They make us feel warm and happy inside. My daughter used to make me feel the same way.

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