To a good friend

To be lost and lonely spiritually
Is a life without any source of hope.
It is found by faith, not visually.
Can this be possible climbing life’s slope?
Within a home of evolution raised,
I have a distant friend who is searching
For answers, for certainty he has gazed.
He has a heart heavy with pure yearning.
Led by the Holy Spirit’s correction,
How should I share your perfect gospel Lord,
To have him know the gift of salvation?
For it gives hope even after death’s sword.
From your Word give him hope and comfort within,
Lord, have my distant friend realize his sin.


One of my friends grew up in a home without anything to believe in. He wants to know about my faith and I have a strong desire to tell him of Christ, except I don't know how to share it in a way that is edifying to God.

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solitude- ntaoleng
over 2 years

This is a beautiful poem, and I feel it as I too am going through the same thing. Ask God for spiritual discernment, strength and wisdom . He is a faithful God and He will truly open up your mind and heart to your friend so they understand clearly and without any ambiguities. Beautiful

Charlotte B. Williams
almost 4 years

I pray the Lord will show you a way to share Christ with your friend. Keep me posted I'd like to know how it turns out.

Dayna Joy
Dayna Joy
almost 4 years

Hello Charlotte. Me and my distant friend have sadly grown appart. We only really talked over text, but I was still able to share with him the gospel and give him advice for everyday life and stuggles straight from God's word. I feel confident knowing that whatever I said, he will remember and hopefully realize one day that God is very real and that hell and sin is very real... this way he can find salvation before it is no longer the day of grace. He knows that he can always come talk to me about any questions he may have, so I use every opportunity to share with him our Lord God and Saviour!

Charlotte B. Williams
Charlotte B. Williams
almost 4 years

@Dayna Joy: The word will not return void, God will give the increase.

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