I always walk alone,
alone is where I’m home
I cry and bitch about it,
but the truth is– its what makes me whole
I love so much its sick,
and humans don’t love the same,
so even though I hate it,
I embrace  the pain .
sometimes i cry alone,
just die all by myself
cuz the truth is no1 wants to sit and cry
with anybody else
no matter how much someone loves u,
its really just the truth,
NO1 wants to hang  and listen
to what your going threw
people act as if,
they know exactly what you feel,
but in their head,
their thinking instead
their sick of your whole deal.
see that’s the hurtful part of loving someone 4 real
u assume  u feel the same way, and are true with how you feel
but people hate that shit,
they only want to smile,
so when you down and out,
your just not worth their while
what iv learned from people -
is they want to see your happy face–
everybody hates you, if you feel a different way
iv showed loved ones my weakness
that I’m almost done,
for them to judge completely
and stop showing me their love
so when I get that feeling,
thatno1 gives a fuck,
I hide all of that hurt,
and act like its all normal,
and say it dosent hurt,
so I don’t bug people,
and drag them through my dirt
the way I really feel,
is that I’m just a show
they all the humor
but when its sad, its time to go
you have to show your happy,
or they’ll say your weak
and repeat all the things you cried about
when you were comfortable to speak
its really fucked up,
but god damn– its just the truth
no1 wants the burden of all the pain
talkin about your problems, only push’s everyone away
they say they understand,
but roll their eyes as they speak
& then all of a sudden.. you don’t hear from the for weeks
you gotta face it homie,
it just is  what it is
no1 loves each other equal
your either getting or your give
I don’t know what’s harder
pretending your okay -
or acting like you don’t know
that everyone’s the same..

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