Glassy eyes, muddled brain
His supposed ‘pain.’
Well we all know that’s just a game you play, so you can get disability claims.
Skips work, no ambition
After all, you should know this is an unfavorable position.
He sits on his couch, like it’s his throne
Off in his own mindset zone
All of those exotic narcotics, plus being an alcoholic.
Just frolic in the Garden of Antibiotics and see where that leads
Overdosing on the pills
You know it kills.
“Where is the love?”
Well dear sir, you threw it all away
For those pills you pop everyday.

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Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

Is he somebody that you are close to? Sounds like a real winner. You probably deserve somebody better than that. I'm sure you will.

Gary W
over 6 years

i was gonna like your poem but i cannot be that number before 7 :-) superstition.....

almost 7 years

Enjoyed your little bit of poetry. :)

almost 7 years

Just now reading the comments. Thank you! This poem had to do with some living circumstances that happened a year ago. Had to vent haha(:

almost 7 years

Kiss each verse with reddest lips,
let art flow from your fingertips.
Unhinge the mind,let thoughts run free,
open up your soul for all to see.
Nice poem lady?Enjoyed that

Levi Carter
about 7 years

i didn't want this poem to end

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