Cold breeze was blowing
And I was in my bed frozen
Thinking of you
Will you come back for me?
Will you hug me?
Will we ever play again?
Are you going to forget me?
Regret me?
And pretend I was never there?
Are those distances huge?
Huge enough
To take you away?
Always wondering
Who am I to you?
Who are you to me?
Did you ever love me?
I wonder what happened
To that boy
At 4am happy in love
Next day a different human being
What happened to you?
I missed you for a long time
I thought for a moment there
I had you
But you were never mine
For me to think
I lost you
But I believed
People never fell in love
Till the day I met you
And the day I saw you
I felt a tingle of a love arrow
Shot by an “angel love bow”
And I promised you
You promised me
But soon enough
We were both free
I am here
And you are there
And we are far enough
To think we are tough
To fight this love

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