Self-Awareness + Self-Discovery

Where did I leave me?
Have you seen me lately?
I’ve been missing for a few days now
Truth is, I can’t even button down
The guy in the mirror.
Where did I leave me?
Fascinated by what I can’t see
Drawn to the things I can’t reach.
I look to you for help
Then wonder why I torture myself.
Where did I leave me?
I’m lost somewhere out there
Probably tied to a chair
Like something out of a horror scene.
Things that should never be seen.
Where did I leave me?
We can’t find me anywhere:
I pretend someone else cares
And there’s search parties everywhere
Chanting: "No one will rest until he’s found!"
Where did I leave me?
This is really driving me crazy.
I looked right past him, I just know I did.
Movie length, this montage;
Searching for a man in camouflage.
Where did I leave me?
I’ve searched the highest highs
And the lowest of the lows—
Not to mention the places in between.
I’ve seen all there is to be seen.
Where did I leave me?
Sometimes what we’re searching for
Is right under our nose—wait
Nope. Not this time.
Should’ve been more careful of the road I chose.
Where did l leave me?
Well, wherever I am—
I know I’m comporting myself properly.
I’ve always had a good sense of propriety
Whether I applied it or not is another story.
I don’t know where I am, but I never fret. You can bet, I’ll find me sooner or later—I can’t hide forever.



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Rising Phoenix
más de 5 años

Very deep and well written. Often "things" we think we've lost are still with us, the only difference is our perception of ourselves has changed. Hence the feeling that we've lost ourselves despite us still owning the virtues we've always had.

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