Windows to my soul, sunk by the split mast,
Right now fixed on a window to the past:
"Look in your blindside, tell me what you see.
Are dreams memories from our futures
Trying to capture a moment unseen.."
I withdraw to embrace this virgin light,
And just listen to the sounds of the night.
I’ll see the face of my inspiration
But only in the dark, or so I thought.
This just incited more laceration.
It’s as if the brightest star is falling.
Now it’s all or nothing, no more waiting.
This is my moment, this is my calling–
Here I am, saving the Sun from drowning.


Created my own formula for the classic 14-line Sonnet:
[Iambic Pentameter]

{Be sure to read the analysis}

Inspiration, hope, passion, optimism, sonnet, sun, light, gratitude, commitment, free, new, trapped, catalyst

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over 6 years


Olga Gavrilovskiy
over 6 years

The last line

over 6 years

Thank you!

Julia W
almost 7 years

Wow this is so good :)

about 7 years

No problem bro, take your time. Let me know what you think, my friend.

about 7 years

Well, I try.

about 7 years

Hi Duce, just checking in briefly and checked out a couple of yours.....I'm impressed & will be reading more ......just not now - I'm off out.....:)

Cory Garcia
about 7 years


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