As i fly into the light,
it begins to merge both day and night,
and transports me to a place,
where heaven and hell come face to face.
There they go to test their might,
to battle in one final fight.
Then they clash both sword and shield,
to vanquish the enemy from the field.
But all their efforts are in vain,
for how can you die in a deathless plain?
so they fight an endless fight,
although there is no end in sight.
what happened next i do not know,
for i disrupted the natural flow.
The living cannot be with the dead,
and so i lost my mortal head.
now i fight this endless fight,
the battle with no end in sight.
I stand here now to test my might,
to bring back day and vanquish night.


Fight, Heaven, Hell, Battle, Good, Evil, Savior, Angel, God, Satan

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Madeline Marenic
over 6 years

I love this poem, as well as all of them. (:

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