I Believe

It’s my belief that every man
  Should do his share of work,
And in our economic plan
  No citizen should shirk.
That in return each one should get
  His meed of fold and food,
And feel that all his toil and sweat
  Is for the common good.
It’s my belief that every chap
  Should have an equal start,
And there should be no handicap
  To hinder his depart;
That there be fairness in the fight,
  And justice in the race,
And every lad should have the right
  To win his proper place.
It’s my belief that people should
  Be neither rich nor poor;
That none should suffer servitude,
  And all should be secure.
That wealth is loot, and rank is rot,
  And foul is class and clan;
That to succeed a man may not
  Exploit his brother man.
It’s my belief that heritage
  And usury are wrong;
That each should win a worthy wage
  And sing an honest song ....
Not one like this —for though I rue
  The wrong of life, I flout it.
Alas! I’m not prepared to do
  A goddam thing about it.
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