Little girls are mighty nice,
 Take ‘em any way they come;
They are always worth their price;
 Life without ’em would be glum;
Run earth’s lists of treasures through,
 Pile 'em high until they fall,
Gold an’ costly jewels, too–
 Little girls are best of all.
Nothing equals 'em on earth!
 I’m an old man an’ I know
Any little girl is worth
 More than all the gold below;
Eyes o’ blue or brown or gray,
 Raven hair or golden curls,
There’s no joy on earth to-day
 Quite so fine as little girls.
Pudgy nose or freckled face,
 Fairy-like or plain to see,
God has surely blessed the place
 Where a little girl may be;
They’re the jewels of His crown
 Dropped to earth from heaven above,
Like wee angel souls sent down
 To remind us of His love.
God has made some lovely things–
 Roses red an’ skies o’ blue,
Trees an’ babbling silver springs,
 Gardens glistening with dew–
But take every gift to man,
 Big an’ little, great an’ small,
Judge it on its merits, an’
 Little girls are best of all!

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