The battles for the pickle dish once more are under way,
The Uno Pedro Club is first and foremost in the fray.
It started off auspiciously, without a sign of frown,
Good Mrs. Green put all at ease by kissing Mrs. Brown.
Then Mrs. Johnson graciously kissed Mrs. Jackson’s lips,
And Mrs. Watson followed suit by kissing Mrs. Phipps;
Then all formality was dropped, and everyone grew cheery,
When Mrs. Rich, the president, called Mrs. Bilkins ‘dearie.’
I can’t describe the sweetness and the tenderness displayed,
No one remarked that Mrs. Gray was once a lady’s maid;
With arms around each other’s waists they sat and planned things out,
And everyone was loving and no one wore a pout.
I listened to her story, and a gentle smile I wore,
I 'd heard of women kissing and of loving ones before;
And I wondered as I heard her rave about the lovely meeting,
Just which of them will be the first to be accused of cheating.

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