Something wondrous
like rain droplets reflecting light...
The miracles of the universe
to which I would like
to surrender for once.
How am I? Such small delight
connected to this eternal force,
a will stronger than that
small voice
that shouted in fear “Tell me I’m not no body.”
A will higher than the highest of heights.
A plan comprehended only
by those willing to ask,
beyond normal confines...
and willing to take risks
in order to know.
An understanding that begins to grow,
at the point where all feels like it is crumbling
and there is nowhere else to go.
A voice that is heard,
noble and stern,
though soundless in speech.
It’s presence like a light,
glowing humbly like a firefly in a dark night.
A question so frank and fair,
with an answer straight forward and clear.
“Have you now grown tired of your old senseless play?
Then forget what you knew and beginning with today,
I will show you another way.”

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