I saw a recent photo of you.
You are exactly as I remember
when we last knew one another.
And I,
always trying to get through that barrier;
to break the masks that clothe your interior
when the truth really did shine brighter…
A man who I would admire
would fill me with honour
were I to be in his company.
He’d let me in, just through standing next to me.
He would have learnt to lose his secrecy.
And if he were to look into my eyes,
he would see me,
and I would see him too.
You never quite became that man.
And in your eyes, I’d see a burning fire
that was your soul’s suppressed desire
to just be let through.
That man I sought,
he wasn’t you.
If I were to see you again now,
I would offer you my vow
that I would not make an attempt
to dig into you.
I’d allow you to decide if you’d let your soul through.
And I’d be sure to communicate wisely;
allow myself to enjoy your company.
And you would know just through standing next to me,
that I had learnt to lose my secrecy.

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más de 3 años

Beautiful poem...

Esther Yasmin Groeneveld
Esther Yasmin Groeneveld
más de 3 años

Thank you for your comment.

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